June 3, 2010

73 Years Ago…

The divorcee, Wallis Warfield Simpson married  her third husband, Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII on June 3, 1937. WE2All these many years later, people are divided into two distinct camps about the couple, known by their twined initials as WE. Book Ting 010Yes, they were Nazi sympathizers who socialized with members of the Third Reich.  Yes, the Duke probably leaked information to the Germans. Yes, they were social leeches who borrowed houses, yachts and friends in high places. WEBut the two of them had style which endures until today. Think double-breasted blue blazers, the Windsor-knotted tie, argyle sweaters and golf shoes, to name just three.WE5The Duchess also had her signature style, much of it outlined in Suzy Menkes’ book, Windsor Style, which I found at the Book Thing a few months ago. Book Ting 006

I’ve always had an interest in her because she’s a Baltimore-born gal who married an Englishman, much like my parents.

Regardless of what you think, they changed the course of history.


  1. I might have said it differently: "Yes they were stylish, but they were Nazi sympathizers who leaked information to the Germans..."

  2. I guess that they could be considered to be traitors --that is a pretty harsh word for this pair. As for style, Wallis definitely had an abundance, but her ego more than overwhelmed an possible benefit.

  3. Ok, now.....they weren't very politically minded as a couple (which isn't the best trait if you're king of England) and people give them SO much grief for being nazi sympathizers. I just want to point out that it was the zeitgeist -most of high society and many intellectuals of the time were ALSO sympathetic to the movement. That or they just didn't care. They weren't active nazis -they were just 2 people enjoying life. Why do I always stick up for them? Oh yes, because I loved their sense of style and the life they lead: the people they knew!

  4. Stefan, well said. WE love WWSW. She may have been some things I dislike-I find it fascinating too that these People were just that-flawed,sometimes, irredeemably. Each to his own, WE the W that is still fascinates ME. thanks for the reminder-I need to get out the rice.

  5. Boy this could start a fire, but before the flame starts to burn, I do believe that the world was influenced by both and yes changed by them too! Style straightforward and convictions were also treading not left nor right.....
    Interesting looking book, would love to turn the pages on these two some more.
    Thanks for giving us the notion.

  6. I cannot help but be intrigued by their sense of style. I think they were rather stupid and self-absorbed, but in this day and age when few dress or have style, their lifestyle does seem romantic and elegant. Much of their history has been re-hashed ad nauseum. I'm interested in what people in Baltimore thought of Wallis.


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