June 2, 2010


Do you know what TSOP is? Ask a person of a certain age who grew up along the mid-Atlantic region and you will get the answer: The Sound of Philadelphia, or Philly Soul.

I was in Starbucks the other week and in their CD collection, they were selling Philly Soul – The Sound of Philadelphia – 1967 to 1980TSOPIt’s an excellent compilation of songs featuring bands such as Archie Bell & The Drells (my friend Maxminimus swears he knows what a Drell is, but won’t tell me!), Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, The O’Jays and my personal favourite, the late Teddy Pendergrass, singing “Love TKO”.

Actually, it’s nice to see Teddy singing in this video. He was in a near fatal car accident later in the year this was filmed and was paralyzed for the last 28 years of his life.

What’s the music that reminds you of the good times? TSOP is some of it for me!


  1. SKA! Especially English Beat (later Modern English...or was it the other way around?)

  2. Wow Meg I love Teddy Pendergrasses' music!

    Art by Karena

  3. I have learnt something new today Meg...I would not have known those initials. xv

  4. Oh, hon, talk about synchronicity!

    Not only is this music The Best, but I've been bopping to Motown hits even more lately since I heard this hilarious and charming story on ATC Sunday: Motown Around the World. Turns out all the beloved classics were also recorded in French, Italian, Spanish, and German. The Supremes, the Temptations, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, even Stevie -- all of them. You haven't lived until you've heard "Mein Girl"!

    Here's the link:


  5. Oh wow, Meg indeed. 'Scuse me- gotta go to Starbucks now.

  6. Lisa... I heard that! It was hilarious. The Temps were better with the accents than the Supremes!

  7. I still love Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - classic!


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