June 20, 2010

Flowers in Sunday and a Winner

This season seems to be very accelerated at the Farmers’ Market, with both peonies and sunflowers making a concurrent appearance. 6-20 010 I have heard that the huge amount of snow we had this winter was excellent for growing, as the snow was actually an insulator for the earth and so the soil never had a hard freeze, and when the snow melted, it saturated the ground with nutrients. 6-20 012 Regardless of the reason, there were gorgeous flowers at the Market today, and I brought a bunch of sunflowers home with me. Of course, I left a trail of petals around the market, in the car and on the sidewalk, but they’re gorgeous anyway!

How much fun are these zucchini blossoms? 6-20 011 I love the way they fill their boxes with the buds all pointing up!  Each has a tiny zucchini attached to the bottom, and you can sautĂ© them in a little olive oil, or stuff the blossoms with a nice goat cheese.

Connor finally found the time to read through the submissions for the winner of the flag pennants, and decided to choose my friend Bonnie. flags 004 It’s been a rough year around their household, and if these flags go a little way to cheering up her husband and my friend Robbie, that will make me very happy.

I got this picture from a reader who bought some of the flags, in a fabulous blue damask print, and here’s what she did with them.FlagsCheck out the adorable puppy! Lust is right!


  1. Those tiny zucchini are inspired! Beautiful & delicious. Thank you.

  2. Did you know that you can get the blossoms, also? They are considered a delicacy in Mexico--yummy.

  3. We had dinner in Boston at Little Italy in a tiny restaurant with a lot of ambience. There they were prepared (blossom and stem end) stuffed with a ricotta mixture and somehow coated lightly and fried- yes I know ...great for the arteries!! But they were out of this world.

  4. No harm to the arteries at all. They're fried in healthy olive oil, and ever so lightly at that, with just a dusting of flour and barely a kiss of egg yolk. Entirely healthy. And yes, a delicacy. Available only briefly in the summer, so a rare delicacy as well. I was lucky enough to grow up on them. When I see them at the Farmers Market, I jump for joy!

  5. Meg, that first pic is now my desktop background. Thanks for sharing.


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