June 15, 2010

Independent Booksellers Week

I am not sure if we celebrate this in the US, but they do in the UK. It’s important to support your local independent bookseller. Although you can get books much more inexpensively elsewhere, small businesses need your help!

Whilst scrolling though an article on IBW, I discovered a treasure in London which I didn’t know existed. daunt3 It’s called Daunt Books, and it’s the first purpose-built bookstore in the UK, dating from the Edwardian era. It has beautiful long oak galleries and graceful skylights and is situated in Marylebone High Street, London, along with several other branches.Daunt-BooksAnd if the gorgeous wood isn’t fabulous enough, how about that turquoise wall at the end! Wow!

Daunt specializes in travel books and guides and atlases. You can search for books by continent! How much fun is that!  And you can take a virtual tour of the store here.daunt4 Seriously, next time I am in London, I’ll be camping out there! Would you join me?


  1. My goodness Meg this is a wonderful book store, it would be on my London list definitely!

    Art by Karena

  2. It is as fabulous as you picture it! Neatly tucked in on the High St. pop up the street a wee bit and see the new Designer Guild shop,just opened in April!

  3. This is one of my favourite bookstores, and they even give you free cotton shoulder bags instead of plastic bags if you buy three or four books! Another independent bookshop you might enjoy is Heywood Hill on Curzon Street in London, where Nancy Mitford worked as a bookseller during the War and which looks just like an ordinary Victorian townhouse from the exterior.

  4. i wonder if there's anything like this in Baltimore?!

  5. What a wonderful shop! I would LOVE to join you!

  6. Daunt Books...I remember going there when I lived in Belsize Park.

  7. Complete agreement: we all need to support our small
    local businesses. thanks. Mary

  8. Great Information Indeed.. Its truly amazing to know such stores..


  9. It's one of the best bookshops in London. They organize books by country, so novels, photography books, travel guides, foreign language dictionaries, etc. are all kept together for each country.

    Well worth a visit. Marylebone High Street is also one of the most vibrant local streets in London. It's runs northwards from Oxford Street, just behind Selfridges.


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