June 9, 2010

You Can Buy This!

After the Symphony Showhouse, my friend David at McLain Wiesand brought everything (that he didn’t sell) back from the Showhouse room that he designed. As you may remember, he did the Alchemist’s Chamber, a steam-punk room with Goth overtones. Many of the pieces in the room are detailed below.Baltimore Sun BSO article One of the highlights of the room was the amazing sconce he designed, using a wooden artist’s model’s hand, and an Edison light bulb.6-8 015Some of the other great pieces in the room included this wonderful day-bed covered in a rough linen in the French manner. It’s on wheels so you can move it around the room to follow the sun! 6-8 009In the background, you can see the paper lanterns that David and his daughter, Lexie are painting for a fundraising event at the Baltimore Zoo. 6-8 006One of the other fun pieces I saw there was an antique French table. 6-8 008 It’s sort of like a hospital table that goes over the bed while you’re lying in it. It was incredible and still had its original label.6-8 012 Another great piece is from the local Greek Orthodox Church, and David and his staff are working on some repairs on it. David told me that it wouldn’t fit in any of the company’s vans, and they didn’t want to rent a truck to drive this thing about four blocks, so they got a dolly and strapped it on, and walked it to the shop.6-8 005 I love this mirror that David created from the headboard from an antique bed. It’s just a stunning piece.6-8 016 You can just see David playing Where’s Waldo, but not doing too good of a job with it!

Another mirror is a copy of a classic, but with a twist – they’ve gold leafed the back of the corona on the mirror so it is reflected. Just some of the incredible attention to detail that David puts into his work.6-8 018 Finally, David doesn’t make every single piece in his shop, he deals in antiques, as well. Here’s a piece he recently bought at auction. The two demi-lune tables are just fascinating in their detail.6-8 017 If you’re interested in any of David’s great goods, contact the company here.


  1. I love the tip on painting those lanterns! What a great way to spruce up plain lanterns!
    That light fixture is pretty cool too!
    Thanks, Meg.

  2. Meg, your blog is always so informative. You even explained why I saw David and crew carrying a big table through the streets of Mt. Vernon the other day. Who knew?

  3. That sconce is terrific!

    The Gilded Barn

  4. I spied the trunk as well and the mirror, wow!!

    Art by Karena

  5. I want that headboard mirror! Soooooo gorgeous!

  6. Really love that French (hospital?) table. But ti would tempt me to lie about all day... . It may tempt me yet.

  7. Boy you take great pics! It makes my things look really great! Thanks for the mention, I bet there will be a line out front tomorrow morning...


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