June 7, 2010

Flowers on Sunday… On Monday

I never had a chance to post yesterday. I am busy making lists and checking them twice and finding out if the seller’s agent is naughty or nice.

Incredibly, there were still peonies at the Farmers’ Market yesterday morning, but I swear, this has to be the last of them! I picked up a bunch of fresh lavender, which made the whole car smell fabulous.  I also got a funny little plant called Boxwood Basil. It’s a basil plant with tiny leaves and it’s shaped like a boxwood plant. boxwood basilI find that the bigger basil plants tend to get too leafy and leggy as it gets hot in mid-summer.  With this plant, I will be able to pick a few leaves off and chuck them onto pasta.

I am very excited that I sold two sets of my summertime signal pennants on my Etsy site. One set was a great pale blue and white damask print.6-3 004 The other set is for a deck overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbour and is made up of a print of signal flags! It will be perfect for the deck which has a nautical flair to it.7-4 032Speaking of my Etsy shop, I will be getting some more of that gorgeous French Ivory-handled knives and forks. My ex-housemate, Andy, is collecting it for me in England and Wales. P1010795 He’s a community artist, so travels around a lot. I asked him to keep an eye out for this, since it’s nearly impossible to find in the States. He’s done a great job for me!  Some of the sets are still in their original presentation boxes!

In return, I sent his two boys a huge box of toys and games for the summer. Fair enough?


  1. OOh Meg love the ivory handled flatware. The boxwood Basil I have not seen, I like it!

    Art by Karena

  2. imagine your smile when you see your pennants some day flapping in the wind

  3. Congratulations on all fronts--the house is coming.

  4. How is he able to bring ivory into the States?


  5. EM...

    If you read here, you will get an explanation of what French Ivory actually is... and it's not real ivory!

  6. Wow! Lot's happening in the prettiest way here!!!


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