July 21, 2010

Wishes Granted

I am sure you, like me, know someone who has the most remarkable taste. That everything they have in their house is something that you covet. That’s the case with my friend, designer and blogger, Grant K. Gibson. GrantGibsonBut the good thing is that you can both covet and then own his amazing treasures. He is, like I am, a hunter/gatherer, and has the ability to part with the things he’s collected over the years. I am just beginning to achieve that possibility!

I know that there’s going to be an internet traffic jam on Saturday morning when his Tastemaker Tag Sale begins on One King’s Lane. One of the most amazing things on offer is Grant’s set of 25 framed pieces of the Turgot Plan de Paris, circa 1734.  Master Map for Ewen copy The most difficult thing for me about this amazing map was finding the frames that would fit all of the pieces. No worries! Grant’s done that part for you and taken the hard work away, so you’re just left with a stunning showpiece for your home or office.

For a preview of the other delicious things that Grant’s got on offer, slip on over to his blog and check them out.  And tell Grant I sent you!


  1. oh, this is going to be good!

  2. wow! i swear - they have amazing sales there. i just love this map. I wish i had the space for it.


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