July 8, 2010


TFL stands for, amongst other things, Transport for London. It is one of the most useful websites you can find if you’re taking a trip to London. When I was working at King’s College, London, and going home to Wales every weekend, I took the tube from Waterloo, changed lines and ended up at Victoria to take the train home. I would have to struggle with bags and luggage during rush hour. A colleague suggested checking TFL to see if this was the most expedient way between two points, and lo and behold, there was a bus which was much quicker and I didn’t have to change!TFL Bus

Interestingly, the London Transport Museum and TFL have one of most important collections of graphic arts. The map of the London Underground system is a prime example of excellent graphic design. Click to enlarge the map below… it’s a map of Shakespearean characters by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It’s hilarious!Shakespeare Tube Map - Hilarious! In conjunction with TFL, the London Transport Museum, has hosted a contest for illustrators to draw the links between cycling in the capital, environment issues, health and fun.  Here are some of my favourite examples from the submissions.

A to B and All the Sights in Between by Jessie Ford A-B and All of the Sights In Between by Jessie Ford

Cycle Revolution by Frances CastleCycle Revolution by Frances Castle. I love what she’s drawn in the pedals. Very clever.

Go Green by Galia Bernstein Go Green by Galia Bernstein. Again, smart use of London landmarks, as well as the use of the TFL logo in the Go Green motto.

Look After Your Jam Tart and Jump on Your Dick Van Dyke by Ross CrawfordLook After… by Ross Crawford. Translating from the Cockney rhyming slang: Look after your heart and jump on your bike.

Spokes and Leaves Full by Mia Nilsson  Spokes and Leaves Full by Mia Nilsson. To me, this has the feel of some of the William Morris wallpapers and the detail is such fun.

Which one do you like best?


  1. that design by mia nilsson is brilliant. i want that as pillows on my couch, not just a poster on the street!

  2. These are absolutely the most brilliant illustrations. Right before moving to Baltimore a month ago, we spent a month in London. I would love to frame these and put in new house!

  3. toss up between go green and spokes and leaves, which also reminded me of the willilam morris wallpaper patterns.

  4. Working my way through some older posts.

    The Nilsson is a stunner.

    How odd. I'm feeling an urge to put The Triplets of Belleville back on my netflix list.



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