July 3, 2010

I’ll Take This… Château in France

Superb château set on a rocky promontory overlooking the valley below, with outbuildings from the early 20th century along with curtain walls, a moat and towers. Set in approx 5,000square meters of grounds, the approx 300 square meters of main living space has wooden floors, air conditioning and gas fired central heating.Chateau Dordogne

The property comprises a the Grand Salon with stone fireplace, dining room also with stone fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, a fine vaulted cellar with billards room, WC, electronic remote controls, and a smoking room in the adjoining tower.  Chateau Dordogne6 The property has five bedrooms, four with en-suite bathrooms. The fifth bedroom is located in the tower.Chateau Dordogne5The outbuildings include a round tower with built-in bedroom equipped with fireplace, access to the cellars and underground passages, a cottage built into the curtain walls with living room and a bedroom above, a second round tower with bedchamber, and an outlying tower with steps down to the moat. Chateau Dordogne2At the entrance to the property is an old house and a barn which have potential for renovation, including an enclosed garden and rain water storage reserve.  Seriously? If this is the barn below, I’d just take that!Chateau Dordogne4

For more information, click here. It can be yours for the low, low price of £1,158,100. 


  1. Wow the barn alone is to die for!! I love rounded doors and shutters.

    I think I'm just a little bit shy of the asking price so I'd better not. lol

  2. Actually, that price looks really low for that amazing property. There are crappy NEW houses on Long Island being sold for that amount, and this place trumps them all. If only...

  3. Are you holding sign-ups for boarders? Put me at the top of the list (I'm a great cook and have passable french language skills). Have a wonderful 4th and 14 Juillet!!! Mary

  4. What a wonderful piece of real estate to contemplate and dream about! Thank you for sharing!


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