July 9, 2010

Hammer Time

I am heading to an auction in Chevy Chase, MD, just outside of Washington DC tomorrow. I used to go to auctions all of the time when I was buying and selling before I moved to Wales. I set a limit of what I will spend on things and really try and stick to that amount.auction-guyThe auction tomorrow is being gaveled by sometime commenter, I Love Lime Green, so it will be even more fun than usual.

This is not a fine art or decorative furniture sale, but an Attic Auction. Here’s what’s on offer:

Books from Several Local Private Libraries
Fine Art from the Estate of Anthony C. Schmidt
Bolts of Designer and Vintage Fabric
box lots Dozens of Box Lots and More!

I love box lots! They really appeal to the treasure-hunter in me. I was at an auction once when a man wanted one thing in the box. He won the box, took the one thing out that he wanted and then put the rest of the box next to the trash can. I asked if I could look through it and found about a dozen glass flower frogs in perfect condition. glass-flower-frog I turned around and sold them for about $10 each.


  1. Look forward to seeing what you find!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. sounds like great fun - i love auctions too - happy hunting stay cool

  3. I love auctions--you just never know what you will find and when the "sleepers" come up--you score! This one looks like it will have lots of treasures. Have fun. Mary

  4. Bolts of fabrics...BOOKS !!! wish I were going with you today.
    ~ Michelle

  5. My brother found some 1980's Barbies (minus shoes) at the public dump. I turned around and sold them, as a lot, to someone in Sweden on eBay. Life's small pleasures. Laughing.

  6. Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come home with! Looking forward to NYC!

  7. Your sometime commenter but faithful reader thanks you so much for coming today!

  8. Dying to know how you fared today...I am sure it was great fun! Please share your new treasures with us! What a great start to the weekend, Meg!


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