July 29, 2010

Art at Sudeley Castle

Sotheby’s is hosting a selling exhibition at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire from 28 May to 31 August 2010. Twenty-five unique or limited-edition works of contemporary design, including some specially commissioned pieces, are installed throughout the gardens by artists and designers such as Marc Quinn, Pablo Reinoso, Marcel Wanders, Studio Job and Atelier Van Lieshout.

Through diverse and innovative reinterpretations of traditional functionality, these artists challenge popular perceptions of everyday objects to create brilliantly original pieces of contemporary design.

Lathe XSudley 1

Spaghetti CortenSudley 2

Bon Bon GoldSudley 3

BuissonSudley 4

Wellness SkullSudley 5

Pouring JugSudley 6 Sudley 7

I love the juxtaposition of a classic space with modern art.


  1. Love when styles are blended together. Great pictures and I could see that Spaghetti Corten bench sitting in my backyard!

  2. The Buisson for me. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. The skull scares me, but love love Bon Bon Gold. And that pitcher flying in mid-air is fab!

  4. Aaaach, going to rain on everybody's parade: I have been to Sudeley Castle which is amazingly beautiful. There, the last wife of Henry VIII (the one he did not behead or divorce) lived until she died. There was some strange modern garden art on display during our visit in the fall of 2009. But it only showed the contrast between the old and beautiful and the new and tacky. :(
    I know, I know, it's a matter of opinion, but you should see Sudeley Castle!


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