July 28, 2010

Royal Flickr

The British Royal Family has just gotten themselves a subscription to Flickr, the photo-sharing site. Not the freebie version, mind you, but the full paying professional version. RC Grooms These people are not new to technology, what with their Twitter account (@BritishMonarchy), their YouTube Channel and their top-rated and –ranked website!RC Christmas 60I read this saucy comment about HM’s Flickr account:

Loyal hearts beat quicker
The Queen on Flickr !
One will beat one's paps
With one's digital snaps !
RC HM & The Duke

In addition to current events, there are all sorts of historical photographs included on the Flickr site, including some dating back to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Of course, very few of Diana and NONE of Wallis & Edward.

Hard to tell who is cuter, Harry or the puppy!RC Harry & pup 

The annual Swan Upping, when all of the swans are counted. HM owns all of them!RC Swan Upping

It’s an interesting way to spend a bit of time and see some interesting snaps!


  1. Wouldn't you love a sardine necklace like Phil is sporting?


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