July 6, 2010

Too Darn Hot!

Seriously, it got up to 104F today, but my car thermometer said 106F. Ugh.  It is too hard to do anything other than sit inside in the air conditioning. I can not even imagine not having air conditioning or working outside in this kind of weather.

I remember going to Tucson one year for a wedding in August and it was 114 when we got off the plane. I totally freaked out at the thought of it, but as they say, it’s a dry heat and that makes every bit of difference.  Also, in the desert, it really cools off at night. As I sit here and type at 10:55 p.m., it is still 91F outside!

Here’s singer Stacey Kent singing Cole Porter’s classic tune, “Too Darn Hot”. The lyrics are wonderful and her rendition of the song is marvelous.


  1. Meg, I agree. I hate the heat. Yes, heard Central/Eastern Canada is getting a heat wave, so that means you guys get it too. Ugh. Nice and cool here so far but heating up this week. I don't like anything over about 23C...around what...75F?

    xo Terri

  2. All of my family in Europe says they are Suffering! From the heat. Me? here in southern California it was almost cool today. go figure!

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  3. Yes, here in Ontario we are having a heat wave and, great timing, we are having a deck built. Poor guys, I feel so badly for them. Thank God for air conditioning. I can't imagine trying to get through this without it.

  4. Meg, We are surviving in the woods north of you. They say today will be 104 as well. Interesting year with so much snow in the winter & so much heat in the summer.

  5. it is hot hot HOT in Maine too..waiting for relief!

  6. yes -so hot and I haven't had AC in 6 months (long story). Hopefully it will be fixed soon and in the meantime I'm stealing AC from my condo's hallway LOL. Thinking of all of the $$ i'm saving on my elec. bill is keeping me cool for now!
    I LOVE Stacey Kent and so glad you featured her here. I have a few of her albums.

  7. It's so brutal outside that my "Garden Cats" (strays) don't even run when I step over them as they lay flopped on the bluestone pavers out back.

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  8. I don't care -- it still beats winter!


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