July 18, 2010

Flowers on Sunday & A Blisteringly Hot Weekend

After our earthquake on Friday, we went on to have a blazingly hot weekend, with temps never out of the 90s. The humidity was equal to that, so it mostly felt like you were walking around with a wet, hot blanket covering you. It makes me long for snow days again!02-06-10 018We went to the Farmers Market this morning where I picked up two huge bunches of sunflowers. This week, I chose the smaller ones, and have about 20+ stuffed into a vase, which is sitting atop my new shoe storage unit. flower 7-18 001One unusual plant I saw for sale at the market was a clematis. There’s a saying about growing clematis (clematii?)… First they sleep, then they creep, then they leap. flower 7-18 The first year they are planted, they barely do anything. The second year, they grow a bit, and then the third year, they grow like mad. We always had them climbing a trellis outside our back door at the house where I was raised


  1. Great minds think alike - Abbey posted pictures today of her "snow dreams". Beautiful sunflowers. Too hot - I barely left the apt. all weekend!

  2. I love clematis - there is one in a section of the walled garden in Scotland that has the most heavenly scent. It is mostly white and has a tinge of pink. I expect it's in full bloom now.

  3. Meg, I have a Clematis out front and it is deep purple. Love it. Sweltering in Kanasa City right now, getting even hotter I hear!

    Art by Karena

  4. Thank you for the snow photo, I needed it. At present in Palm Springs at 115 degrees the hottest spot in the USA. Give me 90 humid than 115 dry any day, I guess hot is hot.

  5. Ah, the grass is always greener... gotta have the highs and lows of heat and cold too...!

  6. Your image of winter reminds me of how I chose to cope while I sat at another lacrosse tournament in Germantown, MD in the hot, blistering sun- long discussion with friends of skiing, platform tennis, and Dubarry boots.
    I swear it made me feel less hot!

  7. So hard to see a picture of snow and think it was ever here!

  8. You had an earthquake?!?!

    Hot here too.. 103, but a dry heat.

    Haha...the word verification is "winesot"....what are they telling me?


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