July 25, 2010

Flowers on Sunday and My Adventure on Saturday

I wasn’t wild about any of the flowers at the Farmers’ Market today, although I did buy two bunches of colourful zinnias. But my eye was caught by some gorgeous purple and green cabbages. They were laid out on an old farm table and were just lovely in the early morning light.7-25 001 On Saturday, I went on a yard sale treasure hunt with Jill Rosen, a Baltimore Sun reporter, and Kim Hairston, a Sun photographer. Naturally, Saturday was slated to be the hottest day of the year, and even though we got a very early start – we met at 7:45 – it was already very hot.

Jill’s assignment was to find treasures at yard sales for less than $20 and see how they could be either re-purposed or refurbished to get a new look.

Our first stop proved to be a treasure trove, and we actually returned there at the end of our tour so that Kim could take additional pictures. Here, she’s shooting my way-cool Ice-o-mat ice crusher, exactly like the one we had in our pantry as children.7-25 028 We spotted this owl lamp and kept coming back to it to talk about what we could do to it, and how Kim could best shoot it. 7-25 029 My suggestion was  numerous coats of white paint to make a blanc de chine treasure, and then getting a new lampshade to replace the rather worn burlap one. Here’s a little how-to for creating your own blanc de chine objet d’art. Our only remaining question was what to do with its eyes.

Next up, we spotted this mid-century modern chair and ottoman. 7-25 034 Although it was covered in fur from an aged yeti, at least someone had the foresight to add a pillow from the right era. Stylistically, it could be easily improved by the right fabric and a little scrub of the wood. And, it was only $20.

Here are a few of the other treasures I found:

Peacock pin from Swoboda. Marked on the reverse, and listed on the successor company to Swoboda for $75.7-25 011

These are either huge salt cellars or teeeeeny tiny bathtubs. 7-25 003I am guessing that they’re for condiments at a formal dinner. They are only two inches tall, and two and a half inches wide. They have great little paw feet on them.7-25 007

Some old decorated tea tins, of the variety which I love.

7-25 023 7-25 024

Here’s what I didn’t buy:

A broccoli-shaped cookie jar. Not the slightest bit appealing. 7-25 031

Another piggy bank. Just because I live in Pigtown, I don’t need any more pig items. Ok?7-25 033 The article detailing our adventures in yard sale treasure hunting will be published on Saturday, July 31st. I will be sure to link it!  Thanks so much to Jill and Kim for a fun morning!


  1. Too hot... too cold.... but you always are having fun discovering and what a great eye you have!

  2. Those purple cabbages look fantastic, and for some reason I'm drawn to that owl lamp!!

    Savile Joe

  3. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


  4. sounds so fun! those cabbages would look so fantastic arranged in a large wooden bowl on a table :-) who needs flowers?!

  5. The owl lamp....leave it as is. It would be a funny accessory for a rustic cabin.

    The yeti chair makes me itch.

  6. Hot temps - cool finds. Love those teeeeny tiny bathtubs with paw feet! They could be used for so many different things. And great pic of the green and purple cabbages! Definitely adding that stop to a future visit.

  7. Meg, Love the cabbages!! It was sweltering so while recovering I did some time poolside with my toes hanging over the side and then lounged in the shade.

    Art by Karena

  8. Is that bank green or yellow?

    And you have no idea how many pig things I have come across in the past week!

  9. I love the broccoli
    "cookie jar?" Where was this garage sale?

  10. Those teeny bathtubs with the feet are part of a biscuit tortoni set. My grandmother was given 8 with a larger one as a wedding present in 1914. I still have them and have used them for everything!

  11. Anon@16:58...
    The sale was in Towson, MD on Saturday (the hottest day of the year - so far!)

  12. Nancy... Thanks for filling me in. I've never heard of biscuit tortoni (we're english!), but when I googled it, it sounds like a simple thing to make, almost a tiramisu. Interesting that there would be special silver dishes for it.

  13. I just saw the ADG article - hilarious! Thanks for quoting me!

  14. http://meyerprints-merianbulbflowers.blogspot.com/


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