July 16, 2010


In the middle of the night last night, Connor jumped up and barked. Then nothing else. When I listened to the news this morning, I found that there had been an earthquake about 35 miles from here. It was only a 3.6, but that’s very rare for Maryland. maryland1Here’s this year’s check list…

  • Blizzards - 80+ inches of snow
  • Intense heat – days of 100F+ weather in June
  • Drought – no rain during the month of June
  • Earthquake – only a 3.6, but it’s an earthquake
  • Tornado – Not yet, but we’ve had several warnings

Ahhh, Maryland, the Land of Pleasant Living, we’re just waiting for the plagues now!


  1. A few years ago, here in Atlanta, I thought my husband hit the bed, hard, and woke me up.

    Fell back asleep.

    Learned the next day we had an earthquake.

    He still finds it amusing, of all the things I've blamed him for, the earthquake is the best.

    Of course you realize we live amongst the greatest mountain range on this earth? Though old & rounded now.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. My husband and I both sat up in bed when it happened and I asked him if it was an earthquake...we decided it was a low flying plane and went back to sleep. Who knew?

  3. I live in Bethesda. It woke up my whole family. My wife asked what happened, I told her it must have been low flying helicopters as both the President's and police fly by on the way to Camp David.

  4. Blizzards, heat, drought,earthquakes - wow Baltimore is one exciting place in addition to all the fun places you describe!

  5. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should move back to Maryland--it just gets more exciting all of the time. (Truth: it is one of the most beautiful states!) Earthquakes, drought, heat--I can deal with all of those, but 80" of snow would really slow my down. Thanks. Mary

  6. We had a similar experience! I also live in Pigtown, and one of my dogs, a shiba inu (known for only barking when someone is at the door, and never any other time) woke me in the middle of the night with CONSTANT barking.

    When I went downstairs to check on him, he only looked up at me with a huge smile and tail wagging playfully as though he was just hunting flying bugs. So strange.

    Didn't feel a thing, but odd noises in the night are pretty par for the course near us, huh?

  7. It woke us, but it did sound like helicopters were flying too close. The dogs snoozed through the entire event.

  8. I live in Annapolis, and while I didn't feel anything (lived in Seattle for years and experienced some mild earthquakes and a volcano eruption there), I think my greyhound must have felt it, as he woke up, barked, and wouldn't settle down. As for the plagues...I hear that grasshoppers are in huge numbers in lawns and farms because of the drought!

  9. At least it's not time for the 17 year cicadas.

  10. We watched a public television program last week regarding deadly tornados. Apparently several years ago there was a large tornado that struck Maryland approximately 50 miles SE of DC, causing major damage. You might still get your tornado this summer too, to cap your list.

    Usually just a reader, but I admire your blog.

  11. I know some of my neighbors said it woke them up but not me surprisingly.
    A coworker of mine though heard and felt it from nothern burbs of dc and said it sounded like a truck going down the street: woke her up!

  12. Amazing, huh? I woke up and looked at my clock. 5:05. I had a vague thought it was an earthquake and couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up and washed dishes!

  13. I know, this is completely crazy! I saw what appeared to be a locust tonight on my back deck...run for the hills!

    Kat :)

  14. I live in Victoria, Canada, and we have a few earthquakes every year. Tiny ones, mostly. However, shortly after I moved to Victoria, we had the same earthquake that did a fair amoount of damage in Seattle. I was at work and all of a sudden the whole building shook violently and my computer started bouncing across the desk. I just stood there in wide-eyed shock, forgetting everything I'd learned in earthquake drills.

  15. maybe that explains our lack of sleep last night! Although we had no cat warning, the bastard wants us dead.

  16. Hollering out from Arlington.

    What;s up with this weather?

    Next up: a plague of insects.

  17. We live in Ellicott City...slept through the whole darn thing...maybe it was the wine the night before?????


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