July 5, 2010


Last night, celebrating the Independence Day holiday on my friends’ deck over-looking Baltimore’s Inner Harbour was such fun. Even though it was hot, it was not too humid and it was breezy. July 4th 043The fireworks were amazing and the food and company were fabulous! July 4th 074 Poor Connor had to be dosed with puppy Valium in order to stay calm while I was gone. He’s been hung-over all day, and while I hate giving him drugs, it’s best for both of us that I do it.01-18 006 It was a quiet day here today, both because of the intense heat and the fact that I felt like I should stick around for Connor. Oh, and the fact that I have a whacking summer cold.

I did manage to add some things to my Etsy site, including these fabulous Lilly print pennants. It was great fun seeing some of my pennants flying last night as I was walking around Federal Hill. Lilly 002I am really beginning to add a lot of things to the Etsy site as I continue clearing out the house. In the near future, look for a perfect and perfectly gorgeous linen sheet I picked up at a marché in France, 7-1 023 some more of the French Ivory cutlery, 7-1 039 and some great handbags.

I read a great article in the Financial Times today by the amazing Daphne Guinness who is buying all of Isabella Blow’s clothing and thus, stopping the auction at Christies London, which was scheduled for later this year. isabella blow It’s a lovely tribute to Daphne’s long friendship with Isabella blow and explains in detail why she felt she had to purchase the collection intact. Thanks to Little Augury for bringing this to my attention.

I am heading back to work after 10 days off. When I took off for the week or so, I thought I’d have settled on a new house and be living there already. Things changed at the speed of light, but I’ve moved on and am looking to do some house-hunting shortly.

* Morceaux – French for pieces.


  1. I loved the article by Daphne, too. Wonderful to be able to do that for a friend.

    And I do so with others took your idea about the puppy valium. I actually dread fireworks nights because of all the "Lost Dog" signs I see around town the day after.

  2. Meg I loved reading the definition of Morceaux! I wonder what price Daphne paid for Isabella's Collection. I want to see more of her pieces!

    Art by Karena

  3. I feel sorry for what all dogs suffer with fireworks; fortunately, Jones, doesn't seems to mind them that much. Glad that you are back to house hunting....

  4. I completely missed the post about the canceling of the house purchase. I am sure everything will work out for the best. I hope you and Connor are staying cool.

  5. That is wonderful that Daphne is doing that. I get so disappointed when wardrobes and personal eefects go up for auction. I guess for the reason, that like Daphne I would like to purchase the whole lot.


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