May 30, 2013

BVIZ Design

When I was in High Point in April, I met a wonderful and talented woman, Rebecca Vizard. What I liked about her, aside from her great sense of humor, her infectious laugh and her quick wit, was the fact that she loves textiles even more than I do. She makes the most extraordinary pillows from the most beautiful antique and vintage fabrics. Silks, satins, velvets, along with gold and silver cording, beaded tassels and exquisite trims. Each pillow is one of a kind, pieced together to make the most of the bits and pieces of fabrics she collects from all over the world.imageSo I was delighted to see her home and her work featured in the June/July issue of Garden & Gun Magazine. The article is here.

She lives in the very small town on the Mississippi where she grew up, left and then returned to.imageThere are some great images of her house there, including this one with a walk-through armoire, which leads to a bathroom.imageShe’s such a talented woman, creative and clever.imageI am pleased I had a small chance to get to know her, spend some time with her and see her amazing creative work in person!

Check out her website here. imageIt’s loaded with the most gorgeous things imaginable!


  1. The bayou in Mississippi looks incredible! almost doesn't seem real...

  2. I have always LOVED her pillows...the real deal.

  3. That last photo--I think that I just caught a glimpse of heaven. The dining room is sublime: very French, very Southern and perfectly imperfect.

  4. Gorgeous pillows, Meg and I love her dining room in that rich Terra Cotta

    Art by Karena

  5. had to take a look at her website, Divine + so happy you both met + Thanks for the tip.

  6. The only comment that comes to mind is one I learned in grade school. "LUCKEEEEEEEEEE!"

  7. Garden and Gun -- wow, what a combo! Gorgeous pix, though.


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