June 2, 2013

Ladies’ Night

Last year, right about this time, I had the good fortune to host author, Mary Kay Andrews, for a small event in Baltimore. I’ve loved her books for ages, beginning with her Callahan Garrity series, The House Mouse, which are being re-released. Mary Kay writes what is termed “chick lit” and that’s a perfect term for her fun and funny books.

Mary Kay and I bonded over many mutual loves. We both have a deep love of junking, and while she was in Baltimore, I took her to a few of my favourite haunts! (Read her junking tips here.) We also bonded over a mutual love of books, and since she’s a writer and I am a reader, it was perfect! And in her life before becoming Mary Kay, she was a newspaper journalist, as was my father.

Mary Kay has a new book coming out this week, Ladies’ Night. imageAbout a week or so before I headed up to see Reggie Darling and Boy Fenwick, Mary Kay’s publisher sent me the audio book of Ladies’ Night. It was absolutely the most perfect thing to have on the drive up and back, which totaled more than 12 hours. I generally just tune into the radio, which often fades in an out, and trying to find a decent station in some of the rural areas I’ve driven through in the last two months can sometimes be a problem.

Listening to Ladies’ Night made the drive go by in a flash. At one point, I thought I’d been driving for about an hour, and when I looked at my watch, it was 3.5 hours later!

The main character, rising media star and lifestyle blogger Grace Stanton, is lots of fun, and her soon-to-be-ex husband is a complete jerk. The other characters who populate the book are funny and poignant. I don’t want to tell you too much about the book because I want you to run out and buy it on June 4th when it’s published.

MKA BookThis is a full-page ad that Mary Kay’s publishers, St. Martin’s Press, took out in the Summer Reading issue of the New York Times’ Book Reviews section. I am so excited for Mary Kay and so happy she’s published another book – she’s doing about one a year now!

For a complete list of books she’s published as Mary Kay Andrews, click here. And get this book – it’s a lot of fun!


  1. Loved your post today and look forward to Mary K.A's book. The junking tips were great
    and fun to read. Funny, I have antiques, Kittinger reproductions and the piece most commented on is a chest of drawers I bought
    for $75 at a used furniture place while the owner was away and his son was in charge!!!

  2. How wonderful for you & her. Must run(not walk)to buy it. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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