June 25, 2013


Now that it’s officially summer, and feeling like it in this part of the Mid-Atlantic states, I have one question.sailabration4What are you doing this summer?

I don’t have much planned, mainly because I started at a new position less than three months ago. But I hope to get to NYC for a few days, down to the beach for a few and to see friends who have houses on the water. I am sure I will have a few parties, plan some adventures and work on a lecture I am giving in October.

So, what are you doing?


  1. Austria for three weeks next week. Can not wait!

  2. England the first 10 days of September...would love to have some tips from you regarding some must-sees.

  3. Adirondacks in August...family tradition. Hiking, canoeing,waterskiing,swimming....no crowds and lakes and mountains as far as one can see....the best!

  4. Nothing planned as yet, but considering a trip to the mountains of NC. Would love to pop up to NY to see a few plays, but it's not on the agenda. Beautiful photos, Meg. ~ Sarah


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