June 17, 2013

Concours d’Elegance

Ohhhh, that’s just the fancy way of saying antique car show! We do it every year at the Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s golf tournament. The men (and yes, it’s all men) bring their cars and everyone admires them and imagines that they’re the owners.
The cars ranged from our friend Bob’s older, slightly rusty MG, to a gorgeous classic 1928 Rolls Royce,
and a stunning Packard.
The car that actually got the most attention was a brand-new Tesla with its electric engine and 0-60 mph in 4 seconds speed!Nothing in the front, nothing in the back. Just loads of batteries running under the carriage of the car. Fascinating.
Another car that got a lot of looks was an Aston Martin.
Really quite swish!The interior was all glove (as in baseball glove) leather and the car smelled like old leather… in a good way.
Some of the other cars were actually ones I liked more than the Aston Martin and the Tesla.
Like this…

or this…It wasn’t in the perfect condition that some of the others were, but I liked it all the same.I mean, who wouldn’t want an old woodie station wagon?
Or for that matter, an old Austin Healy?
Or even our friend Josh’s Porsche, with no air conditioning!
It’s always such fun to spend a beautiful early evening looking at these terrific cars, each wonderful in their own way, and each treasured by their owner.
Especially in a location as lovely as this:ECWith a sky like this overhead.
Always a fun time with some great friends!

And thanks to much to the major sponsor of the BAF Golf Outing: Pella Windows! We greatly appreciated your support!


  1. That looks like a fun day. The Tesla is very fascinating - you know somebody out there is sitting on the secret of how to make really great electric cars for a reasonable amt of money.

    1. My friends have a little Mitsubishi Electric Car. It's called a MiEV. They LOVE it!

  2. love the Tesla + very impressive. My son just bought a 1978 Ford Bronco, it is white + I adore it! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. OMG - I had that MGA, painted yellow in high school in the '70s and my buddy Norman had the Austin Healy same yellow as the one pictured-

    1. Thomas... i do love the old english cars! my father had a morris oxford for years when we were growing up!


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