May 8, 2013

This {Beautiful} Old House

Like any older city, Baltimore has its fair share of gorgeous older buildings, and in some of the more well-established neighbourhoods, where the houses are 100+ years old, there are some real stunners.

The neighbourhood where I grew up has diverse styles of architecture and building materials, from shingle like our house, to stucco, brick and stone. It gives the area a sense of growing up over time, and a sense that each house is unique in its own way. This house, just a few blocks from where I live now, is one of those with a lot of character, and I mean that in a good way!image

You can get a sense of how special this house by just taking a glance at the front entrance with its original ironwork. image

And from the inside.image

Obviously, this is a musical family. I would not have painted the room this colour…there are so many great details that they get lost in the strong colour. image

A lot of these old houses have great landings between the first and second floors. I am not even pretending to understand these mirrors which look way too big for the space. . image

I applaud these people for leaving the original details in the bathroom. You can see the marble, the original lights and the cupholders. image

Having a garage on the property is a great selling point!image

One of the best things about this area is that it’s filled with mature trees and the landscape has really settled into the contours of the land. imageThis house is on the market for $1.9 million.

For another great house, we head downtown to a classic city townhouse. Although this house doesn’t look like much from the outside, imageonce you enter, it’s a different story.image

The owners of the house have restored it to its original glory and you can see the care they took in doing so.image


The colours are just gorgeous, like Ladurée macarons!image

Can you imagine this as your breakfast room, right off your kitchen?image

I am sure that I have enough books to fill these shelves!image

The staircase is just stunning and the black handrail just sets it off perfectly!image

I am so pleased to see how many of the original details have remained through the years. image

Really just incredible!image

This house is on the market for $599k.


  1. The townhouse seems like a really good value.

  2. Great price for such a classic abode.

  3. In Boston you'd be looking at 3X the price at least.


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