May 21, 2013

Trade Secrets Show

One of the main reasons that this past weekend was selected as the one for me to visit Reggie Darling and Boy Fenwick, was that it’s the weekend of the Annual Trade Secrets plants and garden ornaments and antiques show in Sharon, Connecticut. It was the impetus for the Ladew Garden Festival that took place a few weeks ago.

Bunny Williams is one of the leading lights behind Trade Secrets and I was lucky enough to have a chance to catch up with her at the show.

The show takes place at Lion Rock Farm, a working farm, which also is an events venue. There are numerous out-buildings including a barn, a pool house and some other large structures.

A lot of shops, dealers and nurseries from the general region participate in the show, about 60 in total. Some of the ones I liked follow:

My friends at Pennoyer-Newman.

Privet House

Huntington & Hope, which I LOVED!

Mainly because they had things like this:

Guy Wolff Pottery

Hoffman & Woodward, whom I saw at Ladew a few weeks ago.

Marston House with their huge collection of linens and great French baskets.

There were some great pieces of garden furniture.

Lots of fun plants, including this “fiber optic” plant which I bought.

It was really a great event, with lots of fabulous things (and people) to see!

More tomorrow!


  1. I can't tell you how much I am dying to attend this show. I have a graduation for three years in a row and for the second time, this year, they have fallen on the same weekend as Trade Secrets. Hopefully next year's will be a different date!

    1. I know that there's lots of competition with so many other events. But you should bail on everything else and go to this!

  2. Sorry I missed it. Let me know next year and I will meet you there. I love Sharon, CT.

  3. Meg I love events like this!! I just came over from Reggie's and viewed his new topiary collection!
    Love your Fiber Optic plant with those tiny flowers!

    Art by Karena

    1. I can't wait to see the Fiber Optic plant at the end of the summer!

  4. sounds + looks like you had a grand time! Great photos.

  5. Sounds marvy! Looking forward to more pics!


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