May 6, 2013

I’ll Take This: Flat in Bath

One of my favourite cities in England is Bath. With its amazing Regency Rooms, baths excavated from Roman times, and incredible architecture, it was one of the places I liked to go for a day trip. So when I saw this unusual flat listed in the real estate section of the Guardian, I wanted to take a look.

The unusual thing about this property is that it goes across two houses. From the pictures, I am guessing the flat is on the 3rd floor (or in the UK, it would be the 2nd floor). The listing doesn’t specify. image

The rooms have high ceilings, and casement windows (so that lets out the 2nd floor (American). Although the furnishings are dated, there are a lot of great period details, including a fireplace. image

The kitchen is a pretty good size, and it has nice high ceilings and a big window, something I think is essential.image

It doesn’t look like there’s a separate dining room, but that’s not a deal-breaker.image

I would probably get rid of the odd light in the bedroom, but again, it’s got a lot of room. Oh, and I’d also ditch the curtains and the wallpaper and the fabric hanging over the bed.  image

The bathroom’s pretty interesting. Although what’s up with the curtains?image

The best part about this place is the price, £500,000, and the location, location, location! image

It’s right on a park in the middle of Bath, and just a quick walk away from the Royal Crescent. A bit of updating the décor, and bob’s yer uncle, you’d have a great place!


  1. I wonder if it's listed. If it is, (and Grade I) you can hardly put a nail in the wall. I know of friends who have a flat in the Royal Crescent and I literally mean you cannot put a nail in the wall; pictures have to be hung from the picture rail.

  2. You are so right about the decor but the architectural details are great.

  3. Wonderful, and yes, the location is splendid. Have walked that park, and it is good one.

    Hugs to Connor.

  4. OK I will take it, please! Bath, a wonderful city.

  5. My mother's father was born in Camden Crescent in Bath. Though a landslide in 1889 demolished nine of the houses, the house where his family lived -#10-is still standing.

  6. My husband bought my wedding ring from a little antique store in Bath. It's a "keeper" ring engraved with three tiny flowers and is over 100 years old. The city holds a special place in my heart.


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