October 16, 2012

High Point: Not Day 3

Just got in from driving back from High Point. Gorgeous drive back home, and less than seven hours. But I am exhausted and don’t have the energy to go through the hundreds of images. So look for a big post later.charlotte moss

I attended a lecture with my style icon, Charlotte Moss, and it was fabulous! I’ll tell you all about it and lots of other things later!


  1. did you take pictures on the drive back did you capture any images??, also do you take an iron pill some of us are iron deficient and don't know it. glad u had a good time get some rest.

  2. I await your photos + have sweet dreams. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. so sorry to have missed CM lecture. I downloaded my photos, all 786 of them, but have yet to sort through them!


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