October 2, 2012

Carolyne Roehm’s Back

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to interview and then meet Carolyne Roehm earlier this year at Ladew Gardens and I can tell you that she’s every bit as charming as she seems.

One of the questions I asked her was whether she was going to get back on the internet in any significant way.

PD: Your newsletter was one of my favourite reads. Are you planning on reviving it? It is such an amazing resource for so many things. I always felt elevated when I read it.

CR: I have prepared a blog/information site which I have been editing and hope to have it up around the end of May to reconnect with people and to replace the newsletter. It will be an unconventional blog, I guess--- just with thoughts, ideas and information from my travels.

After a little longer than anticipated, CarolyneRoehm.com is back!  imageShe mentions that it took her longer because of some unanticipated hacking problems with the site, but hopefully that’s all resolved.

The main focus of the website is now my blog, with stories, recipes, hints and links to products that I adore. I have taken some of the stories from my online magazine CR Style for my Facebook followers that may not yet have seen them… Carolyne Roehm.

imageThe site still seems a little wonky, and was slow to load, but if you wait a day or two, the bugs might be gone.

The site is gorgeous, which is exactly what you’d expect from such an elegant woman. CR flowers

She writes about a range of topics from gardening imageto entertaining imageto travel.

This site will be on my reading list from now on!


  1. Meg! How lucky was that? What a fantastic and super exclusive post!

    1. She was so charming. I really liked her a lot!

  2. Some gorgeous photos there. Have added her site to my blog list!

    1. The images are all gorgeous, aren't they!

  3. Love CR, so glad to hear about her. Great Post. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Meg, how great to meet Carolyn and discover she has an online presence again. Fabulous!! I will be reading it!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  5. Hi Meg, alot to catch up on , I love you're so prolific. Thanks for all your news, especially interesting is the Astor outcome and I loved the horse racing ..anything with horses is fine by me.

    Will also be checking out Roehm , I want to know where the travel picture was taken

  6. I have a special attachment to this wonderful lady because she had/has Westies! Does she still? I will have to find out. We are huge Westie fans here!!!


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