October 19, 2012

High Point: I’ve Got the Blues

I can’t tell you how many gorgeous items there were at High Point. Monaco blue, a sort of marine blue shade, is Pantone’s top colour for spring 2013. Everywhere I turned, there was something fabulously blue. I thought I’d show you some of my favourite blue pieces, in no particular order.

Bright blue chairs, at Stephen Shell.

This blue print chair at Thibaut was terrific.

I loved the blue highlights in this lion’s mane in the Antique & Design Center.

Beautiful blue stripes and monogram on old linen at Vintage Fabric, Etc. in the Antique & Design Center

Blue sofa and ikat pillows at Hickory ChairHP1 (15)

Hable Construction’s blue inspiration board at HickoryHP1 (28)

Blue Books in a cabinet at HickoryHP1 (32)

Blue ikat sofa and striped chair at Wesley HallHP1 (36)

Pondicherry print ottoman at Design ConceptsHP1 (46)

Monaco blue leather sofa at Hooker Furniture

Bombe chest with silver handles at Hooker Furniture

Midnight Blue chaise longue with nailhead trim at Hooker Furniture. This was one of my top picks of anything I saw!

Blue ikat and blue suzani chairs at Hooker Furniture

Blue skies and blue water on my drive home.

Are you going to have the blues in your decorating this season?


  1. Although my ancient and decrepit brain still reads this as a summer or warm weather color, it will be interesting to see it incorporated in decor and fashion. Perhaps Connor needs a new blue baby.

    Thanks for High Point postings.

    1. i think that if you just use a little of the bright blue, it will go a long way.

  2. since Blue is a favorite color of mine-it will be used! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. I am Meg, I am using some of the deeper Peacock and Midnight Blues! Love all of the beautiful pieces; especially Hickory Chairs.

    2012 Artists Series

  4. Blue leather! I am all about - what a cool look.

  5. Except for blue and white porcelain, the blues leave me cold.

    1. you're right, it's not for everyone, and certainly not every decor!

  6. You chose great examples of blue, all could come home with me.

  7. Thanks for all the great pictures that you took at High Point. Can anyone visit the show rooms there and purchase furniture, etc, or do you have to be an interior designer? I like some of the furniture from the Austin company, Four Hands, but wonder where in the DC area you could buy anything from them. I would really not want have to go through an interior designer which would increase the purchase price by quite a lot. I know that there are stores around High Point that are agents for many of the furniture companies, but it would fun to actually visit their show rooms.

    1. Hi... not sure how high point works. many of the showrooms are only there during the market weeks in april and october. for the fourhands pieces, check their website and see if they have any stockists in the d.c. area.

  8. That blue leather sofa does it for me, indeedee!

  9. Being a huge fan of many hues of blue, I loved this post! We were all quite flattered to see Wesley Hall as a part of it with our new sofa featured in the blue ikat print. Thank you so much, Meg!


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