August 14, 2011

Weekend Update: Part 23

The weather this weekend was bad, which was good, since we desperately need rain. We’ve gotten more than two inches of rain over the weekend. The strangest thing is that between rain showers and storms, there was an acrid smell in the air, like a fire of some sort.

I found out that it’s the smoke from a massive fire in the Great Dismal Swamp in southern Virginia blowing over us. While the rain washes the particulate from the sky, it then goes into the Chesapeake Bay and our groundwater, which is bad.hmart 030Because the weather was so ghastly, I had plenty of time to do things around the house. I added a number of things to my Etsy Shop, including some silver items, 8-13 017and some pillows, 8-14 001 and some very lady-like handbags!8-6 006 Look for more items this week!

Connor picked Kerry from Good Taste-Good Tasting as the winner of the Mark Hampton book. I went to the Book Thing today, and luckily, there were no wackos there!

I hope that your weekend was more exciting than mine!


  1. No crazies = a better book thing I'm sure. I saw the Great Dismal swamp fire is affecting Baltimore but oddly not us here and I am so much closer. Weird.

  2. I have one of those cocktail shakers! It's one of my favorite additions to my "retro kitchen".

  3. Love that cocktail shaker!


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