August 22, 2011

A House in Colour

A few years ago, I wrote about some houses that were close to the house where Billy Baldwin grew up, and just a few blocks from where I am living now.

One of the houses that I featured is now on the market. What attracted me initially to this house is the incredible use of colour in a very traditional neighbourhood. 204 1It starts with the bright citrine front door. 204 18 I love the arches that are echoed through the front and back of the house. Just the thought that went into the design of this house is amazing. 204 13 But the inside of the house is every bit as colourful as the front door would lead you to believe. Let’s step inside…204 2 Wow! Pumpkin walls in the center hall… A stunning center staircase, and to the right of that, a back set of stairs! Love back stairs, we had them in the houses where I grew up.

And look at the landing at the top of the stairs.204 3 We had one at our house and I whiled away many hours there reading.

204 5 This looks like a darker shade of the pumpkin from the front hall. Look at the citrine door just out the windows, and the cabinet colour in the kitchen behind.204 12 While I am not wild about the stone kitchen floor (unless it has under-floor heat), the cabinets and cupboards are fabulous. 204 6 Holy smokes! I would KILL for a butler’s pantry like this one. I am about 99% sure it’s original to the house. Our house at St. John’s, had two pantries which had cypress doors . 204 11 The bright colours continue into the bed- and bathrooms. I am sure this is one of the children’s baths. We had great clawfoot tubs in our bathrooms, too.204 14 And one of the children’s bedrooms.204 8 I am not sure which is the master bedroom, but there’s colour everywhere.204 7 This might be on the top floor because of the windows. The coved ceiling is amazing.204 9 I am thinking this is also the top floor, but in the front of the house because of the Palladian windows. Love the grey, and the white trim.204 10 One of the things I love about this house is the sunroom on the second floor, which is probably very hot in summer, but lovely in the winter, as it’s on the west side of the house which is at the top of a hill. It’s also got an open porch on the side of it.204 4 There are porches all around the house, some sunny and some shaded. 204 16 Perfect for having breakfast in the cool morning or drinks late in the afternoon. 204 17 As you can see, the house is in the tree-tops and looks out over the Jones Falls Valley. 204 15 The house is on the market for $1.95 million, and you can see the amazing details here or here.


  1. Fabulous home I adore the color palette and the studio of course!

    Oh and Meg, Kim at Savvy Southern Style has done a lot of projects with Annie Sloan Paint.


    Art by Karena

  2. WoW-Now where can I get $1.95M? :-)

  3. Meg, so nice to see home owners who aren't afraid to use color in their home. Very nice change from the traditional white/beige wall. Thanks for the tour.

  4. I love that they repeated the wonderful yellow door in the back.

  5. Thanks for the house porn. I think everyone who reads your blog would kill for that pantry...and the studio...and the porch...and

    I used to embrace bright color, but during the past ten years have gone neutrals.I love the choices these owners made. I'm surprised the realtor didn't demand a white over for the sale.

    I hope you've gotten new ideas for what you are doing in your new place. You certainly have the artistic sensibility to have your dream home.

  6. I could live out on the porch. I don't eat much, and I'm a really good gardener...

  7. Wow,what a charming home, Meg. My Dad grew up in a house not far from there at 12 Blythewood Dr.
    Milton Eisenhower was his next-door neighbor and Ike used to come and visit and my dad would spy on the secret service combing the property. Lots of great stories he has from the years he spent there....

  8. What a great house! It can really take color, with all the big windows. Those huge dormers really took advantage of the top floor, too.

  9. Not that I have $1.95M laying about, but that somehow seems like not a bad price for such a beautiful place. Wow.

    :-) Kathy

  10. This house is incredible? I'm in LOVE with the porches. For now I'm in my rowhouse, but looking forward to the day I'll have grass and a front porch. :)

  11. Beautiful pics!


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