August 31, 2011

September? Seriously?

I can’t believe it’s September already, although the weather since Hurricane Irene blew through has been very September-like, with daytime highs in the low 80’s, very little humidity and cool nights.

It’s been three months since I moved into the House @ Hickory Heights, and so now I will fess up as to what the neighbourhood’s real name is: It’s called Hoes Heights. Not the gardening utensil, and not the slang word, either. It’s named after an African-American farmer who purchased the land in the late 1880’s and some of his descendents are still living here. Click here for an article about the neighbourhood.sunday 010 This is another of the little farmhouses that dot the neighbourhood. It’s very similar to mine, but hasn’t been kept up as well. sunday 016 This is a really crappy shot, but you can see a little bit of one of the old barns, this one in board and batten. sunday 015 There are loads of gardens in the neighbourhood, and this one extends back and down a hill about 300 feet. Almost every house has some plantings in front of it (except mine).

I still have a lot to do in the house, including a lot of unpacking – especially winter things, which I can now start thinking about.  It was hard to do that when the temperatures were hovering around 100*F.books 002 Yes, that’s the sweater collection. My father used to say it was cheaper to put on another sweater than to turn up the heat.

I have a very long and skinny piece of property, and on the south side, there’s a run of grass that’s about 50’ x 6’ long. That’s where I plan on planting my vegetable garden next year. It’s grass now, but I figure that I can get rid of that, and plant tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and gourds, which are lots of fun. Maybe I will even put in some raspberry canes!

In the back part of the yard, I want to put in a cutting garden along the fence on the south side. I want to get some perennial flowering bushes like hydrangea and maybe some roses to plant this fall.connor the drama dog 001 My Greek neighbour behind me has a couple of fig trees, and he’s promised to give me a large cutting in the spring. (That funny white lump in the background is Connor!)

So, as we move into fall, I still have a lot of house projects to finish.

Do you have fall projects?


  1. I will agree that it has been a faster than usual summer this year! I am always happy when September starts.

    (Super cute garden chairs!)

  2. LOL so we both have Greek neighbors. Mine gave me a fig tree also and this was my first year for my own figs.

    We have the standard shape garden for English row houses. Years ago, I saw a book in England completely devoted to design for gardens of that shape. My English garden was very irregular and modern but oh I wish I had that book now.

  3. My Fall projects include painting and maybe then a little more painting. We got here in December and managed to cover up the ugly colors in some rooms but the rest are builder off-white. The dining room and library are next.After that are the living room and youngest daughter's room.
    Garden in the Spring it just didn't happen this year.

  4. Charming! Fig trees smell so good + their leaves are wonderful display objects.

  5. Excellent neighborhood choice, Meg! Just above Hampden for some shopping on the Avenue too!

  6. Figs are popping up all over blogland..amazing. I just did a post on them tonight, as my friend MaryJames put hers up today.
    Love love that barn picture.
    And yes, oh so many projects for the IS the best time to do any planting, for sure.

  7. The hurricane welcomes the summer. What an irony. Anyway let's enjoy the sun.

  8. may I recommend before you do anything with your landscaping......

    Read a lot of her posts first. She knows the right way to do everything. And no one else (or practically no one else does!) She is a genius! and you will love love love reading her!

    Just my opinion......!!

  9. I love your new neighborhood!
    And especially your new neighbors!


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