August 27, 2011

C’Mon Irene*

*with apologies to Dexy’s Midnight Runners

The waiting begins. We are several hours away from the arrival of Hurricane Irene, and there’s nothing left to be done. The lawn furniture is stashed up against the fence. All of the lanterns on the posts surrounding the garden have been taken inside. I have enough water and food for several days, and I have plenty of reading material and things to do.

At breakfast this morning, I had the chance to peruse the WSJ. Magazine, which is only available this weekend. There are a couple of articles I am saving for later, perhaps after the power goes out and I am forced to read by candle-light:

  • A look at the stunning $720 million, six-year renovation of the Bolshoi Ballet Theatre in Moscow.WSJ Bolshoi
  • An intricate view of how Cartier makes their signature panther bracelet.WSJ Cartier
  • A story about how Hermès has remained independent in these days of mergers and acquisitions. WSJ Hermès

If you’re in the path of Irene, I hope you remain safe, and if not, have a great weekend!


  1. I want to go to the Baltimore Antique show but will wait this baby out. Hopefully tomorrow is still possible. Stay safe and dry. I have TONS of votives and am hoping not to use them although it could be romantic. Hope Connor stays cool.

  2. I've done as you have. I've decided to begin reading ALL of Wodehouse. I have some Bertie and Jeeves in the house. What better companions?

  3. Thinking of ALL OF YOU up there and praying you stay very safe and dry!
    God bless!

  4. It should've passed you by now too.
    Hope you did not have any damage and, of course have power.I am amazed that I still have power. Tons of people a bit north of me do not and it may be 2 weeks until its all back on!

  5. Are you through? It passed here this morning and apart from a flooded basement we are ok!
    I just read the WSJ magazine. Brilliant, right?

  6. Some of my antique dealer friends are showing at the Baltimore show.....I'm pretty sure that they will be coming home with unsold merchandise as I cannot imagine going antique shopping in a hurricane. I hope that everything is your adorable new home weathers the storm in perfect condition. Mary


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