August 29, 2011

So That’s Why!

I get a ton of press releases each and every day, all asking that I promote their item, or asking if they can guest post on the virtues of something that I am not the least bit interested in, or wanting to trade links with me, so I can put a link to their Chinese Photoshop sweatshop, or some such nonsense. And most of them don’t even bother to address me by name… I even get some e-mail from complete strangers, mostly PR chicks, who use the salutation, “hey…”.

So when I got some random press release today, I glanced through it, and saw that the real reason that Prince William had married Kate Middleton was because of “the Royal Couple's determination to bolster the UK's economy”. Catherine Figurine

Wow. And all of this time I thought it was because he wanted to refresh the gene pool!

Most of the dolls I’ve seen are so insane looking – if that poor girl’s head was the size of her torso, she’d topple right over. And I know she’s thin, but her arms and legs wouldn’t support the weight of her head.  The purple potato chip on her head isn’t doing her any favours!kate doll And in this scary iteration, she looks like her head would snap off from the size, and dear Wills looks like he’s gone insane. kate Apparently, “William and Kate gave English entrepreneurs free rein to develop products that memorialize their wedding”, but I am sure that this isn’t what they had in mind.

I wonder if Will and Kate just sit around and laugh their heads off (ha) at these pieces?



  1. Laughed out loud at that last photo--freakish!

  2. Is the last set by Peggy Nisbet? A ghastly version of Charles and Diana was produced by the House of Nisbet and I could never believe that the Royal Family OK'd its production. Here is a set that is for sale now:

  3. I have looked at Kate Middleton more than once and wondered how her giant head could sit atop that tiny waist.

  4. Oh dear! That's all!

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  5. omg, that one of william is sooo fugly! poor thing. and talk about making her look skinny, i mean she is too thin, but seriously.

  6. Don't judge me when you see what is coming in the mail next month.....

  7. I am still laughing at William..what a face! Grand Post.

  8. What a hilarious post! I always figured that I would know I had Made It if I either, a. got a quote on a Starbucks cup, or b. had an action figure(ette?) made of me. After seeing Kate's big-headed, teeny-legged doll, you do have me reconsidering that. I'm wondering what in dear heavens they would emphasize of mine!?!?!

  9. Please dish on the behind the scenes of a blog. Press releases, guest blog invitations goodness. invites to appear of TV SHOWS!!!!!! Certainly Conner has his fair share of e-mail. Gee martha stewart-- her dogs blog. But then tweets by celebrities are not tweets by celebs-- they are ghost tweeters pr agency tweets image makers--- go figure. We love your fresh air of a blog.

  10. HA! Great stuff! I have a feeling that Kate Middleton is buying up one of each doll / cup / rug / mug / hat that is produced, and she's going to save them all in a huge trunk in the attic. When she and William are 80, she's going to pull that trunk out and they are going to laugh their arses off about it all. I know that's what I'd do...

  11. Loved this Meg! Still laughing :-)

  12. This really is just too perfect...I need the job where you get paid to say, "Oh yes, that looks mighty fine to me, we'll go with it"...?!

    You are to nice to share it, I posted it on FB and hope to include it in a blog as well.

    Sending you a smile,

  13. Gosh, I am still laughing at this post! Glad to see that the house organization is going along well, but making your own butter? That scares me... I swear I am going to get up to DeBois this fall!


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