August 28, 2011

Weekend Update: No. 211 & What I Found

Whew! Glad that weekend’s behind me now.  We had more than 24 hours of non-stop rain with the coming, arrival and leaving of Hurricane Irene, but I am pleased to report that both Connor and I made it through the storm unscathed. He was helped along by a Benadryl or two, and I, by a couple of cocktails. My 110-year old farmhouse made it unscathed as well. Luckily, we never lost power and had no damage at all. ireneHowever, by Sunday morning, I was gasping to leave the house and have a chat with someone who could actually answer my questions, so I met pal Julie for a boozy brunch at what’s rapidly becoming my new favourite restaurant, City Cafe, conveniently located just around the corner from McLain-Wiesand.McLain 002 After that, I hit up the Book Thing with DC pal, Ellen {aka I Love Lime Green}, and a friend of hers. It was great to have more actual people to talk to again! Although the power was still out at Book Thing, we soldiered through, and for my efforts, I came across a near-mint copy of this book:8-28 060 I can’t WAIT to begin reading this. It looks like it’s going to be a great biography and it’s filled with great pictures of her life in the States and abroad.

8-28 063  At a ball in 1905.8-28 064 With Cecil Beaton and Oliver Messel in Cannes in 1931.

The preface to this book is by Diana Vreeland and even that is worth reading!

I popped into a little junk shop after the Book Thing, and came away with this gorgeous little silver bowl, English from 1920, according to the marks. 8-28 003 I love the detailing around the edge.8-28 006 Look for it and some more great pieces on my Etsy shop this week!

Hope your weekend was a little calmer than mine!


  1. I still can't believe you managed to find that Elsie de Wolfe book IN THE DARK! Perhaps what is more unbelievable is that Book Thing let people browse in the dark.

  2. Meg,

    We turned to benedryl for one of our dogs, too, during the storm. For some reason, I though that not having thunder would preclude the need for benedryl. Wrong. Howling winds mean the same thing as thunder in her book. Oh well. We all had about two hours sleep on Saturday, but no damage and are feeling quite lucky.

    That furniture store looks wonderful.

  3. Glad to hear you and Connor made it through the storm. Your junk shops are light years better than ours. And can you believe how much women's fashion changed from 1905 to 1920!

  4. What a great find! Seriously, only your fine-tuned radar could find an Elsie de Wolfe book in the dark! It is one of my favorite books on Elsie...full of juicy details, interesting facts and the book is well documented by the author Jane Smith.

    Glad to know you & Conner survived the storm. Have you heard of the "thundershirt?" It made a huge splash when introduced at the Pet Tradeshows. My Dog Taffy is the first Dog I've ever had that doesn't mind storms, but you might check it out for Conner. Could save you a window blind or two. ;) (I have nothing to do with the company, but I have friends that swear by the thing.)

  5. Good for you and Connor + "Goodnite Irene,Irene " something like that. The de Wolfe book looks divine.

  6. Glad to see that you found treasurers and friends even despite a hurricane and earthquake!! The little sauce boat is a jewel and nothing could be better than Elsie. Have a great (uneventful) week. Mary

  7. Glad you are safe Meg! Lovely goodies :-)

  8. Try "Rescue Remedy" for Conner's anxiety- works like a charm-and all natural

  9. Thanks, Thomas! Actually, I do use Rescue Remedy for both COnnor and me. Have used it for 20+ years!

  10. No, it wasn't. Come on over to my blog and see what my weekend was like! Have you ever seen "hurricane hair"??? Have you?!?!?! It's not pretty, I can just tell you that.


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