August 21, 2011

Weekend Update: No. 308

This weekend was filled with lots of storms, tons of rain and hours of thunder, much to Connor’s chagrin. On Sunday, the thunder and rain started before 7:00 a.m. and continued through nearly midnight. It’s not been very relaxing for either of us. And the power outage didn’t help at all! Nevertheless, I can’t really complain, as we had virtually no rain in June and July. It’s been a huge benefit to all of the gardeners and farmers to have the rain!8-2 006 I went to a great yard sale on Saturday morning. When I was on the Nate Berkus show last year, and I had to help a family set up a yard sale, we talked about whether you were doing the sale to make money or get rid of your things, as each of these has different tactics associated with it. Sun 1Well, the Saturday yard sale was a get-rid-of-it-all sale. The couple was clearing out the mother’s flat and when she’d moved 10 years ago, she saved all of her best things, and that was what was on offer. 

I picked up a great little side table, and now need to find a place to put it. 8-21 001 Right now, it’s lodged under the Chinese silk painting that I hung last week (which by the way, is 1/2 inch off level, which KILLS me!). I also need to decide whether to keep the table brown wood, or paint it.

Speaking of painting, I also got this book case, which was a hideous blue, and am in the midst of painting it.8-21 005 I’ve already used about a half a quart of Kilz paint on it, and some of the blue is still showing through.

Another project I tackled this weekend was curtains for the windows in the main room. During one of the storms, Connor tried to do his Houdini act of escaping and chewed through another set of mini-blinds. This makes the fourth set he’s chewed. I bought some plain white sail-cloth fabric at DeBois Textiles, and just hung this panel to gauge how it would work. 8-21 004 Excuse the crappy photos, but my Photoshop program is corrupted and keeps crashing my computer, so I am editing them in some freebie program. Back to the curtains, I want to raise the rods to be closer to the ceiling and then maybe trim the curtains with something to make them a little more exciting.



  1. Suggestions:

    1. When covering a previous paint color, use a tinted neutral primer (not white) and then paint the new color over top of that.

    2. I need that book case in my bathroom, please send it over when you're done painting. 8-)


    Love the new/old table! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Whooooops - forgot to mention the curtains!

    Definitely spring for a new curtain rod... something thick and wooden and carved, or perhaps wrought iron. Don't think you can get much closer to the ceiling without it looking weird, better to just hem the bottoms (I personally can't stand that "puddled" effect - drapes just end up dusty and dirty).

  3. Meg, Ever painted with milk paint? Thinking of painting a wall in my atelier to give it an old world look. Your new book case looks like a good candidate.

    Best, Lisa

  4. Hi Meg,
    Is that you with your hands full? Looks great!

  5. That side table is great. If you suddenly decide you hate it, I'll be over to pick it up.hehe
    I would paint it and put some fabulous paper covered with glass on the top, at least. I guess it would cease to be a bargain if you got glass cut for each shelf.

  6. Meg all I have been hearing about is the Annie Sloan Chalk paint which does not need primer at all!

    I can picture a great color on your new table!


    Art by Karena

  7. I agree with curtain assessment-Put gutsier hardware at top and don't let them puddle(they collect dirt)back them with burlap(inexpensive + gives weight) Trim is a grand solution. My painters have used Sloane chalk paint for my clients-it is wonderful.

  8. Sorry to hear Connor has chewed through another set of blinds. When will he figure out that it doesn't work?

  9. I'm with Karena: I've heard so many great things about chalk paint and how it covers. You can also make your own:
    Let us know.
    Oh poor Connor!

  10. Ever consider a thunder shirt? A friend of mine swears by hers. Like instant doggie valium.

  11. I like the plain white sail cloth. With a rather light, simple fabric like that, I would be cautious about a thick carved wooden rod as one commenter suggested. When you choose the "hardware" consider the fabric that will be hanging from it.

    Do you expect to install a crown moulding in the room? If you do, I would consider having your moulding installer construct a cornice box of sorts and have the nice, simple fabric hang from under the crown all the way to the floor. Simple and elegant, but not pretentious.

    And, yes, just the right trim to complement but not compete with the fabric.


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