August 5, 2010

Toile de Baltimore Maryland

Reader Ellen was kind enough to send over some pictures of the toile of Baltimore that I showed yesterday.

This piece of the fabric shows the view looking up towards the Washington Monument.Toile de Maryland 4 and this is what it really looks like. The other scene on the Toile de Baltimore/Maryland is the Maryland State House in Annapolis, the oldest statehouse in continuous use.Toile de Maryland2 Here’s what this really looks like.State House Here are two other views of the toile Ellen sent me.Toile de Maryland1 andToile de Maryland3 So interesting. I would love to somehow reconstruct this!


  1. whenever you do move, you could take your fragment and with carbon paper or pinholes and ink dots system, transfer the design to the wall and then color it in using gouache or casein - some watermedia - much as is shown in today's posting on Little Augury!

    This would work well in a very small powder room - and here's another thought: you could have the vignette blown up to a bigger scale at a print shop and then do the transfer and as for the color scheme it could be of your choosing - it would not have follow the original - it could be a French blue and white - how charming would that be!

    Creatively yours on St. Simons

  2. Oh, how I love toile....and while this Baltimore one is fabulous, what better find than to locate the Annapolis one you shared from the upcoming (must own) book? Anyone know if this is still available, and in other colourways, such as red? I've two club chairs that need reupholstering, and as an Annapolitan, this would be ne plus ultra!!!

  3. When in town I always take N. Charles St from the inner harbor just so I can take in this exact view!

  4. Gretchen... the Annapolis isn't from the book, it was just an example I used. Check "Town Toiles" for the other towns they have and the colours. I've seen NYC and Charleston, among others.

  5. Thanks much for the news (and my chairs thank you, too). I'd seen San Francisco toile wallpaper but never fabric, so your find will be my fall mission!


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