August 31, 2010

My Old Castle

As I was sorting through books to take {back} to the Book Thing, I came across one about William Randolph Hearst and found this picture. At one point in the early 1900’s, he owned the castle where I worked for a year. It is in a remote part of Wales, along the coast of the Bristol Channel, in the Vale of Glamorgan.scan0157 You can just barely see the castle at the top of the image, and leading down from there, are several terraces, ending at the barracks, which still stand. In the foreground is the outdoor swimming pool, and where the lawn is on the right, there’s now an indoor pool. st. donats I still miss St. Donat’s.


  1. Goodness Meg how fascinating! You have lived quite a life!!

    Art by Karena

  2. I presume the outdoor pool is heated, otherwise I don't suppose it would get used a lot!

  3. The castle looks beautiful. I want to hear more about your year there! Maybe you did a post before I found your blog....

  4. How fun. Hope you are well. Castle looks amazing.

  5. I just did a post about what I love about Baltimore, and Amy brought your great blog to my attention! Just wanted to say hello and that I love the Book Thing, though haven't been there since college.

  6. I am so grateful I was able to see Hearst's castle in CA. It is beautiful and you can almost sense the presence of the "Hollywood stars" that partied there.


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