August 17, 2010

Get Your Kicks

My friend David Wiesand, about whom I’ve written about many times, is a man of diverse and extraordinary talents. Just when I think he could not be any more talented, he pulls some creative rabbit out of his magic hat.

He’s been making the most gorgeous Baltimore-style painted Klismos chairs for a while now and they are just wonderful. Such a classical line and look!6-8 013 But seriously, only David’s über-creative mind would come up with Baltimore-style painted CONVERSE CHUCKS!findlay kicks3 The detail is stunning. findlay kicks4 findlay kicks2 Really, aren’t these just amazing!!!findlay kicks5 Available to close friends and associates only!


  1. Those are incredible! Street + heritage= very Baltimore.

  2. Meg I am so impressed!! These are cool beyond!

    Art by Karena

  3. Incredible. Very clever. Love.

  4. Okay, so how can I become an associate?! Very cool kicks and those chairs are amazing!

  5. Hey!

    I just entered a contest to try and win a walk-on part in an episode of the show "Mad Men". Please come to my blog and vote for me. I need loads of votes to catch up to people who already posted their picture, so get your friends to come and vote too!


  6. Okay, as if the painted Klismos chairs wouldn't have had me drooling, the Chucks have me totally crazed, and the new yellow pair I just ordered somehow don't seem nearly as cool. What fun! (And great to see someone who can truly capture the painting style)

  7. What a terrific sense of style and fun. I wonder what type of paint he used on the canvas shoes? I've tried fabric paint (latex or acrylic) from Michael's to recreate a Porthault floral on a pair of plain white Keds and it was so effective, but perhaps this is something oil based that is more durable.

    Thank you for the wonderful post.


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