August 28, 2010

Appley Hoare House in France for Rent!

Appley Hoare is one of my favourite shops in London and now I’ve just found that they have a cottage in France for rent. Since their shop, now closed at the Pimlico Road location in London, specializes in 18th and 19th century French antiques, this makes sense. Appley Hoare are dealing from their website and from their base in France now.

appley hoare franceAs you might expect, the house is marvelous. It's in the Gard in south-west France, between Nîmes and Montpellier, so relatively easily reached by plane and train – take the TGV down from Paris.appley hoare france2The house was once owned by the winemaker who supplied Napolean’s troops, although the pool’s probably a bit more recent than that.

appley hoare france3  appley hoare france5appley hoare france4The link I had with information about the house, with more pictures and rental information, was not working, but it’s probably too late to rent it this summer anyway!


  1. I want the settee. Maybe the house next summer. Thanks. Mary

  2. Oh THAT Ho House!!!
    Just lovely!
    xo xo

  3. Beautiful...I love the stunning plate rack in the kitchen, and the pool color is perfection.

  4. PS - why did they close their London location? I meant to go there last time I was in London, but forgot...oh well!

  5. that last picture kills me. good sleuthing!

  6. It's certainly lovely.

    Does it make anyone besides me think of a Restoration Hardware catalog?

  7. Anon @ 23:25... I think that this is probably where the inspiration for Resto Hardware came from! These people have been selling French antiques for ages.

  8. a company called a french life in battersea park road sw11
    sell the same stuff or very similar is it the same owners ?
    did they move there ?


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