August 29, 2010

Flowers on Sunday and Cornering the Market + Two More

More flowers from the market this morning. I really enjoyed the bounty of flowers I got last week from my friends, but I am back to the fun sunflowers. This week, it’s the “Teddy Bear” variety, which are all petals and no seeds. 8-28 028 The nicest thing about buying these flowers this morning, aside from supporting a local farmer, was the charming young salesman.8-28 027

I was reading the new issue of Martha Stewart Living and saw that the reason that I am having a hard time acquiring any more of my favourite French Ivory cutlery in the US, is that she’s apparently cornering the market on it!8-28 030 In the description she mentions the French Ivory cutlery that she uses every day.  I notice that she doesn’t have any spoons, unlike me! Actually, there is some of the French Ivory cutlery in my Etsy shop, and more will be up later this week. Maybe Martha will buy some!

My friend Flip, about whom I wrote about here and here, has entered her house into the CBS/The Selby contest. Please take a moment to check out her submission here, and please vote for her house!IMG_5277

Lastly, the article about my yard sale adventure has gone into syndication around the country as part of Tribune Media. I got a link this afternoon from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and had the funniest comment!Inky comments Ouch!


  1. We must be on the same wavelength with the yellow tonight!

    Yes, the elusive French Ivory Spoons!!! One of the few hunts I still pursue. You have some wonderful pieces.

    Congrats on the new project at the Yardsales!

    The best from one scavenger to another!

  2. Too funny Meg. I think you should keep your spoons or really raise the price!!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Art by Karena

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if you are tha future host of TLC's "Hoarders"!

  4. It would only be hoarding if you didn't have your shop! Plus there is absolutely nothing wrong with "hoarding" absolutely wonderful things!

  5. Re: "Hoarding"--I think it is a bit of sour grapes. Have a great week.

  6. Okay, Meg--I've got a small fish service, which also came with the tiny little knife (I only have one, unlike Martha, who apparently has dozens) and I then got a large serving knife and a fork at other locations. I've asked folks, but never found out what that little knife (pinkie-size) is for....and now believe you may, in fact, have the answer! And....I believe I may just need to relieve you of those Etsy items, too!

  7. Gretchen... the really small knives might be for boning individual pieces of fish.

  8. oooh, much better than what my 13y old suggested...(she HATES fish and calls herself a "seafood vegetarian") she says the tiny knife is to take out the poor fisheye. Eww!

  9. Love the Teddy Bear sunflowers! And the link is just too funny!

  10. Same thing happened to my friend Harry Lowe! He loved "make-dos" and was always picking them up here and there and then Miss Martha did a big article on make-dos and the price quadrupled!


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