August 2, 2010


The public radio show, Marketplace, is doing a piece on today’s show about the proliferation of vile and nasty anonymous comments on blogs. Because of the cloak of anonymity, people feel that they’re free to say things that they {hopefully} would never say in person. greed-money-covetousness-idolatry-mammonI am very lucky to have only the rarest anonymous nasty comment, but you can hear what I have to say on the topic on Marketplace. Check your local public radio listings for the time.  Here’s the link to the interview – I am so excited that they used me on the promo, instead of Arianna Huffington!

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  1. I too have been lucky with only a few snarky things being said ;namely personal and anonymous which I won't publish as they have nothing to do with the post at hand! I hope to hear it, see if you can find it online to put on your blog perhaps?

  2. I would love to listen too Meg....xv

  3. I often listen to this so will make a point to listen later this evening! You are commendable for not monitoring. If I had those comments it would wear on me. I'm curious to hear your logic...bravo!

  4. I just heard a promo for the piece!

  5. Well, brief but still exciting! They probably interviewed you for 30 minutes to distill down to one quote, eh? They gave Arianna her time though - like she needs it, hmnf! Still, so exciting, congrats!

  6. Great quote, Meg! Congrats on being heard.
    It wasn't so long ago that nasty email first breached the standards of internet etiquette. I suppose it gets even worse in public Comments sections, but you wouldn't believe some of the emails I get as a volunteer organizer of just my kids' debate team boosters club -- and they're signed!
    As with so much else, much of what's written online people would never say to your face. Thank goodness for oases of civility like Pigtown D!

  7. Congrats Meg, I would love to hesr you! Record for us?

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