August 12, 2010

Announcing Pigtown*Design, the Magazine

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a top-secret project – Pigtown*Design, the Magazine. Tada!cover The inaugural issue features stories about my recent treasure hunt, some of my favourite places in Baltimore, 5-30 052 my French Ivory collection, spoons 006 textiles and fabrics, and a glimpse of Wales. donats2 I work to integrate my professional life and my creative life, with a lot of overlap. One thing I’ve been investigating for Woodbourne is doing an on-line only version of our 2010 Annual report. Instead of printing our annual report, I’ll just send a post card and an e-mail with the link to it. It’s a green alternative and a huge money-saver!

Please take a look at Pigtown*Design, The Magazine and let me know what you think!


  1. oh MEG!!!! this just made me so happy! way to go can't wait to read it! xoxoxoxox


  2. Meg this is FABULOUS!!!!

    I love it! It's laid out beautifully and the writing is fantastic. Well done girlie!


  3. [Shaking with excitement!] Can't wait!

  4. congrats Meg! and congrats on your article in the Sun too... I saw that several weeks ago... your creativity is fantastic. ;~)

  5. What an accomplishment, Meg! And all the while you were looking at houses, too. Great job.

  6. Meg- Congratulations! Way to go!!! Can't wait to go read it now. Knowing you, the magazine will be well done, beautiful, and a great read.

  7. Pigtown in print -- Perfect! Congrats!

  8. Meg...
    I'm blown away by your publication! Of course I read and love your writing every day, but to see it with the layouts just adds to the experience.

  9. TaDa indeed!!! Very nicely put together.

  10. Meg-it's awesome! I just read it and love it all. congrats!!

  11. I. LOVE. IT.
    It's like your blog, but in more detail.
    I am planning my trip to Baltimore right now.
    In your next installment could you highlight a neighborhood and tell us about it? I know NYC's neighborhoods, now I want to know Baltimore's. Pigtown would be a good start...
    And brava on a job well done!

  12. Where, pray tell, DO you find the time???? Mercy me! Terrific job, my friend! And thank you...I know this was a true labor of love!

  13. Meg, this is is great...clean, clear, easy to read, etc. Congratulations on this baby.

  14. wonderful, meg, not that i expected less (well, i didn't know to expect anything at all).

    but your new magazine is afternoon tea with you, and even seeing things i'd read on your blog, i felt like i was hearing them from you for the first time and all together during our visit.

    i hope conner has his new reading glasses so he can enjoy too.

  15. Love it, love it, love it...can you tell I love it?

    Seriously, great job. Very impressed as always but not shocked at your talent. You just have "it!"

  16. Congrats on the launch of your new magazine!! I enjoyed every word!

  17. Meg, your magazine is fantastic!! I especially loved the piece on Wales, truly gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  18. So much work!
    What a wonderful result!
    I love it!
    As good or better than any other online magazine
    xo xo

  19. Meg,
    This is great. I seriously can't wait to get my first copy. I would love for you to add a few trusted upolsterers and custom drapery makers to take the great fabric finds and yard sale pieces to get redone!

    Preppy Player you should visit for a great section on all of the neighborhoods. I'm partial to Hampden and as Meg says, Woodberry Kitchen is a MUST do while you are in town. They have a great brunch.

  20. Wow, I had such a good time reading each and every word. GREAT! Love it, I know this was so much work, it's truly a joy to read and see. thank you. Lidy

  21. Way to go Meg! Heartiest congratulations on a job well done.

  22. Wow Meg! There's so much going on here -- where have I been? I LOVE the there a way to get a copy? And I completely LOVE that you're making a Baltimore Toile.

    I just cannot WAIT to buy some of that from Spoonflower!

    Great to see what you've been up to...I was not online for lots of the Summer.



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