August 15, 2010

Flowers on Sunday and a Bad Shadow

Back at the Farmers’ Market after a few weeks off and armloads of wonderful huge sunflowers. I had purchased three brightly-painted flower buckets at the yard sales a few weeks ago, and knew that they would be perfect for sunflowers. I love seeing their bright cheeriness greeting me when I step into my house!8-22 003 I saw a bad shadow today, which sounds like something from a science-fiction show. But you would really think that a sign painter would have figured out how to correctly make a shadow.

This chair looks like it’s hovering somewhere above ground, with only one leg anchored on terra firma. 8-22 001 If you look at a shadow, any place that’s touching the ground, also has to have a shadow that begins at the same place and also starts on the ground. Additionally, the angles of the shadow always remain the same, regardless of what angles are on the object.

My photoshop skills are not quite up to making decent shadows, but if I had an hour or two to play with it, I could whip up one better than the one above.8-22 001xI  just made a little drop shadow instead.


  1. The sunflowers look very cheerful in your colorful vase finds!

  2. Maybe the painter was recovering after a great week-end? But I do love that chair!

  3. Hello from Klamath Falls, Oregon!
    hey those are the "vases" from the newspaper article I read about you today!!! which is the reason I am now following!! what a fun little newspaper piece about you!

  4. Hi Meg, I do love your sunflowers! A great time of year, no? And thanks for naming that iron thing --


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