May 31, 2011

Smooth Move

Yesterday, which was the hottest day of 2011, was moving day. It mostly went smoothly, with the older women on the street sitting and watching and making comments on everything that came out of the house. One asked if I was going to make trouble in the new place, too. I didn't dignify that with a response.

By the time the movers finished up, it was late afternoon. We got some of the furniture placed, and other pieces in the right room, where I will have to decide what to do.

I had a delish dinner with the Chefs, and then headed up to the new house where I started to get organized. It will be a long task! I was hot and grubby and wanted to take a shower, but couldn't find the shower curtains I'd bought, so I grabbed a piece of fabulous Lilly Pulitzer fabric
and safety-pinned it over the shower rod to use as a shower curtain.

Once I finally fell into bed - or rather into mattresses, since my bedframe was still at the old house - I tossed and turned for hours, even though I was exhausted. Every bone in my body hurt, and of course, I couldn't find any asprin. I know it's in a box, but which one?

Today, I pick up Connor and then head to the new house. It will be Connor's first day there, and I hope he adjusts quickly. He's been at the kennel for a few days, and I want to transition him right to the new place, with all of the familiar furnishings.


  1. Happy nesting! Connor will be so glad to see you.

  2. Connor and Lambie - what a beautiful, sweet picture! I can just envision your old neighbours sitting around commenting on your possessions. Every time I move, I swear it will be the last time!

    I hope you, Connor and Lambie have a wonderful time in your new home!

  3. You were a good neighbor who tried to take care of problems and took good care of your house. So F*** them -you know? Let them sit there with the crazy church!
    Glad it all went smoothly and hopefully Connor will like his new house!

  4. All the best Meg in your new digs!!

    Love the Lily Fabric!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  5. When I moved, I had a similar experience with not being able to find the shower curtain. I got into the shower, washed my hair and then realized that I had no idea where the towels were packed.

  6. Wow Meg, I feel your pain-- literally and figuratively. Fresh off a two stage move of my own, I am still unpacking and fretting over decor decisions.I am sure that once you get a feel for the place the things you need and want will come into your life.

  7. I hope this is a happy home for you and adorable dog! I have moved dogs and cats to 4 different residences, and havent lost a pet yet! Though one beagle did try to make his way back to a former residence! Glad I had thought to have his tags changed to the new street address - he was returned to me safely!

  8. Have mercy!!! People can be so incredibly petty when caught up in their own BS!!! Thank you for not
    glorifying her idiocy by responding to her! I totally agree with every WORD that AD spoke in the above comment. May God bless and keep you and Connor in your new, happy home.

  9. Moving is awful; I understand, especially in this heat. But I bet by this time next year, you and Connor will be relaxing in your lovely home.

    I bet when you having elderly neighbors heckling you, it helps to confirm several times over that you made a great decision to move.

  10. With small minded neighbours like your old ones who needs enemies! Oh if only they knew they were 'famous' in your blog... Now that would be interesting! Go Gal and enjoy your new home with Connor and I hope good neighbours!

  11. Moving is exhausting Meg- sorry you had to do it in the heat! Hope all the organizing goes well.

  12. The old ladies, they're not worth the width of an ant's eyelash of time!
    Love the impromptu shower really is you. Meg ,your home will come together in no time and the aches and pains will be forgotten. Happy Home !
    P.S. Connor could have stayed with me for two days.

  13. Best for every happiness in your new home! And better neighbors.C ompletely agree with AD. Looking forward to all the fun design adventures in your new home.

  14. Hope the first box opened today was the one with the aspirin, then the linens!
    xo Cathy

  15. And now it's morning, so you and Connor have had your first night together in your new house. At the top of my "I hope" list for you is that your AC is blasting out wonderful, consistent cool air so that you two may get down to work together today in comfort.

    What a perfect sendoff from the curbside pigs in Pigtown, good riddance ladies.

  16. Meg,

    I hope your first day in your new home with Connor is filled with wonderful memories of making this new place a home.

    I cannot believe that your former neighbor had the audacity to say something like that when all you were doing in Pigtown was trying to make the neighborhood better and safe for all! Good riddance to them!

    Have a great day! Elizabeth

  17. I'm sorry to see you leave and I wish I'd been a better and more socially engaged neighbor but I'm afraid I'm just not that great with people. I'm pretty good with cats so I stick to what I'm good at.

    I'm sorry one of the ladies made a callous remark as you were moving. I tend not to sit outside and engage in neighborhood gossip with the ladies - I have heard too many things that I know to be untrue. I'm just guessing at who made that remark and I'm hoping they were joking. Perhaps they do not understand how hurt you have been by this church. I did not understand the extent of it until I read your recent blog post. I know you had a run in with that one person who hit you but I did not know about the threats and harassment. For some reason I thought it was mostly a noise issue. Perhaps the woman who made that remark did not fully understand. I hope that is the case.

    Take care of yourself and take care of Connor. I wish you the best in your new home. Breath a sigh of relief and begin anew!

    Peace to you.


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