May 27, 2011

Floors and Floorplans

My guy, Kevin, spent about 12 hours sanding the floors at the house today. Whew!  The floors turned out to be heart pine in all three rooms. It was incredible to be able to smell the resiny-pine smell from the floors once Kevin started the sanding. fkoors 003 I rented a drum sander, and Kevin used three progressively finer grades of sand paper. So effectively, he had to do each room three times. fkoors 001 Once he finished, I vacuumed each room, and then went over the wood with a tack cloth to get all of the dust off the floor. Only then could I begin applying the polyurathane. fkoors 002 I did one coat this evening and will do the second tomorrow. The floors just sucked in the polyurathane. I am using a water-based satin finish. With all of the mess the sanding produces, this is really the only logical time I could do the floors – it’s not something you want to do with furniture in the house!


I’ve been thinking about the floor plan for this house for a while. My current house and my last house, all small row-houses, have had the same layout – three rooms on the main floor – a living room, dining room and kitchen. This house has one large room, a kitchen, mudroom and full bath.

So the decision is whether or not to have a separate dining area, or to use the gateleg table as a sofa table and only bring it out when I am having a dinner party. ground floor copy The upstairs is a little more straightforward. My room, a guest room and a work room.  first floor copyI would love to hear your thoughts on furniture placement!


  1. Your floors look great. How lucky that you have nice hardwood that is in great condition.
    As for your living/dining situation, I would use the gate leg table only when needed but I love space. In pictures I love seeing all the different furniture and seating arrangements but I couldn't live with it.
    Also what did you use to design the layout? I would love to try this with my unusual shaped living room?

  2. Is the fireplace false? Thinking in 3-D dimensional spatial terms, the narrow room will seem wider with the sofa centered on the blank wall flanked by the bookcases and the slipper chairs with the chimneypiece opposite, between the windows. The table could be set adjacent to the stairs and there would be room to pull it out when needed.

  3. Meg, the floors will be amazing!
    I'm assuming that the fireplace is on left side of entry door? If so, I can see that you would want to leave a pathway for good traffic flow. My only thought is that you might want to make the conversation area more cozy by moving the seating in a little closer with the sofa. I'm sure you'll know what to do once the furniture is there. The one thing to avoid is lining to many things against the wall.

  4. Hi Meg!
    It looks like you are having a lot of fun with the house already!
    From your drawing, I can not tell if the fireplace is next to the bookcases or between the door and window....but if it is next to the bookcases, here is a thought: flank the fireplace with the bookcases and center the coffee table on the fireplace, moving the sofa and slipper chairs closer to the staircase. Move the drop leaf to the window area with chairs next to it on either side. Use the table to stack beautiful books, a vase of flowers or a plant, and even a lamp, and voila.....a reading area right next to the window light.

    I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful home when it is all done!!

    Have a wonderful long weekend Meg!

  5. Meg,
    I love the idea and can't wait to see your completed photos.
    What program did you use to do your lay out?

    Enjoy the holiday!

  6. I would find a way to use bedroom #2 or #3 as the master bedroom. Either one is closer to the bathroom and away from the street noise. Each has only one window, but I don't think you are the type of person to spend much time in a bedroom. If you use #3, you can place your off season clothes and the other dresser in another room. I sleep in my guest room sometimes in the back of the house, and it is very cozy. Bedroom #2 seems to have a lot of wasted space near the closet. Do you use that empty space for sewing long curtains or something like that? I think the workroom could be in the front of the house very nicely.
    The living room might not be at its optimal plan yet. The fireplace wall seems unbalanced to the left. The two dining chairs seem like an afterthought. What about putting the bookcases opposite the fireplace to utilize the long wall? Now that I have moved my comment form, I can see the two windows opposite the fireplace. That would be a nice space for the drop leaf table. Or, the space in the front where the black shoe? thing is. I would try centering the seating area around the fireplace more. You have wasted space between the sofa and the stairs, so everything can move back a little. Then, you may be able to add a third chair to your seating area. How about giving us some more options here, and then we can vote on it.
    Your floors are great looking. I still can't understand why every house in America doesn't have real floors. Ann

  7. I would establish some sort of entryway -perhaps put one of your bookcases or a folding screen perpindicular to the rightwall maybe four or five feet into the room and place your shoe cabinet on the right wall with a vase or some other decorative object on top. I just don't like floorplans that lack an entryway!

  8. Hi Meg, It is definitely looking GOOD!!! Where are you putting Connor's bed? Or is he like Jones (sleeps at your feet). Have a great week-end. Mary

  9. First, Congrats on the new home.

    Second, if the space allows, I'm a huge fan of having a dining room at all times. Can you move the sofa closer to the front door and let it divide the living and dining spaces?


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