May 9, 2011

The Ladew Gardens

Each time I visit Ladew Gardens, I am amazed all over again by how stunning the property is.  Ladew is about 45 minutes north-east of Baltimore City, located in an area of rolling hills and deep valleys. The vistas are spectacular and the land is verdant and lush.ladew garden days 099Ladew is known in horticultural circles around the world for their collection of topiaries. From the foxes and hounds that greet you on the drive in to the house, ladew garden days 015 to the whimsical pieces in the sculpture garden,ladew garden days 091there’s always something fun to see.

Throughout the property, there are smaller garden rooms, including one which features a wide array of azaleas, which were in full bloom;

ladew garden days 063 ladew garden days 075
ladew garden days 072 ladew garden days 076

and a yellow garden with assorted ground covers, a stream and even a pagoda.

ladew garden days 085 ladew garden days 086

The real centerpiece of the property is the huge Bowl between the house and the garden. It’s several acres in size and has at its center a pond with a fountain,ladew garden days 070 here in a moment of calm,ladew garden days 098 and here with all of the crowds.ladew garden days 096 The Bowl is surrounded on one long side by boxwood trimmed into waves with swans gliding along the tops.ladew garden days 097 The amazing hedges surrounding the sculpture garden had a crenellation-style appearance. ladew garden days 073But the showcase of Ladew is the topiaries. ladew garden days 090 Several dozen in all,ladew garden days 092 clipped and trimmed to perfection,ladew garden days 093 by a dedicated team of gardeners, both paid and volunteer,ladew garden days 094 all so visitors can sit and enjoy the legacy of Mr. Harvey Ladew. ladew garden days 095 The gardens host a full schedule of events throughout the year, from summer band concerts, to polo matches, to Christmas open houses. If you’re in the area, you should make time to visit this special garden.


  1. Every year you post on the these beautiful gardens, and every year it inspires me to plant more boxwood, and azaleas. I hope I live long enough to enjoy them in full maturity.

  2. Mr Ladew has quite a legagy here! My grounds could certainly benefit from his dedicated team of gardeners! They are one talented bunch.
    xo Cathy

  3. superb photos :) I would like to be there :)

  4. Thanks for the inspiration--the gardens are so beautiful--nothing in So. Cal. can equal the greens of the East Coast.

  5. I'm lucky enough to live very close to Ladew Gardens so I've loved it all my life. I was also very honored to be the MOH at my best friend's wedding held in the gardens some 20+ years ago. It was a beautiful, garden wedding.

    Your readers may also like to know that on Sundays in the summer they hold musical concerts on the grounds. It might be bluegrass, jazz, R&B, swing, or classical; something for everyone! But always great lawn concerts in the beautiful gardens.

    I so enjoy reading your Blog, Meg. I do hope to meet you one day.

  6. Meg --

    Such lovely photographs. And your last picture is the perfect companion to my post -- you're right! I'm linking to it. Thanks.


  7. I'm two months behind in blog posts and reading. So look for lots of comments :) This is a must on my list of things to do. I just added it to my "Places I Need to Visit" File. Thanks for the great tour and photos. Looks amazing. If your ever in LA, you must visit the Huntington Gardens. You would love it.

  8. Ladew is a five minute drive from my childhood home! So beautiful! I always had wanted to get married there. We will see!


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