May 1, 2011

It’s a Wrap!

What a great weekend!

The tag sale was a lot of fun, and we all had a great time chatting with buyers, selling our wares and just catching up, sitting in the sun on a glorious Saturday.

flee2Tracey gets the day’s news in the WSJ weekend. flee3  Flip, chic as ever!flee Me, attempting to cover up from the sun, which didn’t work too well.

I was a hostess at the Maryland House & Garden Pilgrimage, and was stationed in David’s fabulous living room. I will give you a bit of my schtick:sun7The walls in this room are the original plaster, from which layers and layers of paper have been pulled. The plaster was then waxed, which brings out some of the subtle variations and adds depth to the colour, as well as protecting the finish on the plaster. The busts are a combination of original pieces and casts that David’s made of others. sun9 About five years ago, when David started renovating the property, this fireplace was a hole in the wall. He created the wood mantle and then faux marbled it. He added the Jasperware plaque, which he also made. One of his ceiling lamps is reflected in the mirror. The Edison bulbs add interest to the piece and cast a lovely light. sun8 Even though the shop and living space are on a busy street, the combination of energy-efficient windows, old wooden shutters and Thai silk curtains keep the room a quiet space.

Rounding back to the Wall Street Journal Weekend, there was a great piece about living with your parents’ hand-me-downs. We all have items which have come from our parents and hold great sentiment. In this article, Frances Schulz talks about inheriting some of her mother’s things, and how she’s made them work in the cottage she’s renovating. WSJ Mamas house As I was selling of hunks of my collection of Blue Willow, I loved seeing how Frances showcased her mother’s collection of blue and white export china.

Her repurposing of these bronze cheniers as lamps is nothing short of genius!WSJ Mamas house2 Tell me, how was your weekend?


  1. Those lamps are amazing! Weekend was good but full of rain. Glad your sale was great. Good week to you.

  2. Lovely posting. Had such fun with you all on Saturday. Big kiss xoxoxoxox

  3. Schultz's piece was charming. And she's right - I wish we had stored my mother's things before the divvying and the giving started; we were much too tender, though we didn't argue. Looks like a great weekend.

  4. So much fun--I can't do the sun either (my Irish blood); so I completely understand the need to cover up. Glad that you had such perfect weather.

  5. Just wondering if you sold those two wonderful pieces of fabric? Looks like a great day for Scavengers!


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