April 29, 2011

Weekend Happenings

After the Royal Wedding, everything else seems like a let-down! However, I’ve managed to find some highlights for you!

First, it’s our Tasteful Tag Sale at Housewerks, from 10 to 2 on Saturday. Hope to see you then!4-10 029It’s WSJ. Magazine weekend, and I got a special preview copy of it the other day. Once again, they’ve hit the ball out of the park, especially with the piece about the greatest buildings never built! Chanel Buttons There’s a fascinating piece about the ateliers that Chanel uses, and how they’ve purchased these workshops to ensure their continuation.  Don’t wait until Monday, or it will be gone. POOF!

I mentioned that my friend David’s house is on tour this weekend, and in anticipation, the Baltimore Sun wrote a great piece about the history of his house/shop/workshop. I just love this picture of David reflected in one of his creations, a multi-faceted mirror.sun1 It started as a Hupmobile showroom! sun2 There are 23 amazing images of the space which really show how talented David is.  That’s the kitchen, above.sun5 This is one view of the living room above, and below, another view.sun6 And David’s famous Moroccan room. Hookah, anyone?sun4 This man is so talented, I can hardly stand it! He created this room from NOTHING!!! Read the article here, and look at all 23 pictures, here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lucky you to have such a very talented friend and he IS!
    Love the new header too.

  2. Hi Meg, Havea wonderful week-end. Mary

  3. Ahhhh, I am THOROUGHLY enchanted by David's living quarters, the 23 photos really inspried me, the "from nothing" method of acquisition has always been my preferred method, who wants the bought-and-paid-for look, not I. Thank you for this inspiring article and slideshow.

  4. I'm noticing the expertly covered couch in the first photo! Well Done!


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