May 16, 2011

Horses & Hermès

It’s Preakness Week here in Baltimore and the excitement is building. Animal Kingdom, the winner of the 2011 Kentucky Derby is a Maryland horse, stabled at the famed Fair Hill Equestrian Complex in northeast Maryland.

But the horse I am going to have my money on is Astrology, owned by my brother’s friend, George Bolton, who is Maryland born and bolton3In fact, he grew up on his family’s farm about five miles up the road from the historic Pimlico Racecourse, where the Preakness is raced. George’s horse, Curlin, won the Preakness in 2007 and there was much celebration in our family. Here’s George and Bob Baffert congratulating one of Stonestreet Stables’ boltonGeorge has been a partner with Jess Jackson, of the Kendall-Jackson wineries, who died earlier this spring. But the racing will go on with Jackson’s widow, with whom George is partnering in ownership of bolton2 George’s parents are two of my style idols, and his mother is always the most elegant woman in the room… 

Which is a perfect segue into Hermès… How about these kicks? Can you even imagine using one of your vintage Hermès scarves, or actually, three of your Hermès scarves, to make some Vans kicks?Hermès vans1 I think they’re amazing! Hmmmm… I do have an Hermès scarf that got nail polish all over it and I could use that…Hermès vans2 This is the second pair, which are brilliant!Hermès vans3 There is a third pair, but I think they’re not as good-looking, so you’ll have to go here and find them for yourself!

Wishing you all the luck in the world on Saturday, George!!!


  1. oh my god, shoes!!! Yes, these are very cool. Great way to upcycle as well.

  2. Loved the shoes very much. They are very beautiful.

  3. Had to go look at the third pair- you are right, not my speed but love the others.

  4. Horses and shoes. Love it.
    Preakness means it's Summer to me.
    About time!

  5. Good luck with your horse. And I NEED those Vans. Thanks. Mary

  6. Those are somethin' else. They've got Max's name written all over them in his role as "Godfather" of the Butt Police :) XXOO

  7. George is a hottie in the style of Colin Firth... yowza!


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