May 19, 2011


First, thank you for all of your lovely and supportive comments and e-mails about yesterday’s post. I am glad you are as excited about the new adventure as I am!

After picking up some paint samples today, I chucked Connor in the car and drove up to the new house. house 001 He’s so dramatic, resting his chin on the window of the car, and rolling his eyes and sighing heavily at everyone who cooed at him.

I picked two colours from Valspar to check on the walls (and of course, I can’t remember their names!). Valspar has a page on FB where until recently, you could choose a paint sample and they’d send it to you, along with a tray and rollers, and some coupons. house 008This picture looks horrible, but it was the only way I could get the colours to show up! The two middle shades are the full colour and the ones on the ends are cut in half with white. I am leaning towards the 1@.5 shade. house 005 These are all semi-gloss, but I think I’d rather have an eggshell 007 I’ve been carrying this rug around in the back of my station wagon for weeks now. It’s a needlepoint rug with a brown and black background. Because all of the floors are hardwood, I really need lots of rugs to cover. I am not sure if this is the final resting spot for this, but it’s there now.

Connor seemed to love the house, running through the first floor, and then up the stairs to the second floor, checking out each room and running down the long hall. We went into the back yard, but as it’s not been mowed for a while, it was above his shoulders.

More to some! Stay tuned.


  1. Great house Meg, I look forward to your adventures and, for the record, I LOVE your rug!
    As a 'blue' person, almost any blue works for me - so I am loving your choices.

  2. New digs - woot!! Lots of potential there and you will bring out the best of it all! Great news!
    xo Cathy

  3. I'm a blue fan too. They all look good but I'm partial to 2. Good luck!

  4. Meg, this will be such a wonderful place once you've made it your own. Great bones, combined with your great eye and thrifting prowess, will settle the house in no time flat! Lucky you, having all that light...what a wonderful place to come home to each day!

  5. How exciting for you. I immediately wen to google maps to see unusual names for neighborhoods lol. Sounds like a lot of work but a great deal of fun. keep us posted!!

  6. I agree the 1@.5 is best. Check ebay for more rugs, I had great luck with listings that have a best offer option. Ya know, go for the lowball on the listing about to end!

  7. Hi Meg-
    This is exciting news. I can't wait to see the what you create.
    All the best and have fun!

  8. Have a wonderful, fun-filled painting week-end. I'm glad that Connor liked the new house. I think that you real estate agent might get the lawn moved for you. Congratulations--I bet you are pinching yourself to make sure it is real.. Mary

  9. Conner ROCKS! So happy for both of you on your new digs.

  10. As long as you pick a color that makes Connor look good, you can do no wrong.

  11. Love that will be wonderful, I am sure.

  12. I recommend staying light. Although I prefer matte, eggshell is a good compromise with walls and trim the same.

  13. Beautiful house. So much fun picking paint colors. Are you covering the wood floors to protect them from your pups nails? Recently purchased an older home with beautiful wood floors. I'd hate to cover them but need to protect from my pups nails.


  14. Meg I love your color choice, and have always used eggshell finis, however now lean to semi-gloss!

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!

  15. What exciting news. We are all
    looking forward to having you share
    all that goes on when decorating,
    etc . just watched Preakness and
    am sorry your horse didn't win. His owner is certainly a handsome one!!!

  16. I think paint color 1 with 1@.5 on the moulding would look sweeeeeet! Or vice versa - the two together, in some combination of dark and light.

  17. Dear Auntie Meggie: LOVE the colors. My vote goes for 2 or 2.5. Definitely eggshell or flat, for two reasons. First, it seems from the non-enhanced wall samples that there's enough light in your room to make the color shine w/out the added sheen found in semi-gloss. Second, a lesson I learned the hard way from a professional painter: Semi-gloss is a hard paint to patch, as the surface will always show where the patch was made and will also show where you stopped & started paintingFlat is much better b/c you can't see patches as well, and you can stop & start & painting (say, when Connor starts barking at someone coming down the street), and no one will be able to tell where you took a break. Hugs to you on this new adventure!!

    -- Miss M.A.


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