May 4, 2011

The Blues

I am getting ready to do some painting, and I am looking for a great colour blue. Let me tell you a little about the room where it’s going first.

* It gets a lot of sun, since it’s facing mostly south and west.

* The floors are dark brown hardwood.

* There’s a continuous long wall, a la a shotgun house with a hallway down the length of one side. This will be painted white, since it is part of three rooms.

* The ceilings are low and there are not a lot of architectural details.

Here are some of the colours I am looking at…

blue sages I used the Silver Sage in the hallway of the house where I work and it’s really a gorgeous colour, but it might have too much green in it. The Blue Sage is too dark.

In Valspar, I like their Ounce of Silver or Nil Blue. They seem to have very little green in them.Valspar_Lowes_Tradition_22 copy

Of course, nothing goes on as beautifully as Farrow & Ball paints, but with the amount of painting that needs to be done, it’s probably out of my price range.  However, I am rather partial to Borrowed Light and Pale Powder.F&B blues Is there a blue that you particularly like? What about a brand of paints? I’d love to get your advice!


  1. Meg,
    Hi, look at C-2's "Oxygen." I have it in my Master Bath, Powder Room and the ceiling of our screened porch. I obviously LOVE this color. There is a store here in Northern Virginia that sells C-2 Paints but if you like the color any paint store can replicate it for you. I use it with C-2's "Architectural White" for the trim. Together they sing! But, FYI, "Architectural White" could not be formulated at another paint company's store.
    Good luck and am eager to hear what you pick.

  2. I just painted my MBR in Sherwin-Williams "Wondrous Blue". I love it. It looks fabulous with the white trim and my dark wood furniture. My room gets bright morning sun that brings out the lavender in it, midday it is mostly blue and as the light wanes I see hints of gray. I used their Superpaint and it covered dark maroon in two coats.$41 a gallon.
    I did a blog post on it recently.

  3. Dear Aunt Meggie: We miss seeing you & hope to come for another visit soon.

    If there's a color in the Farrow & Ball paints that you like, keep in mind that paint stores can scan the color & make the shade into whatever type of paint you want.

    As for the paint I started using on the house -- and I will never use anything but this paint ever, ever again, it's so fabulous -- is Mystic Paint. Totally nontoxic, no odor, good coverage...I can't say enough about it. The price is steep, but the enviro benefits are more than worth it. It's amazing stuff. And the color I wanted wasn't originally a part of the Mystic selection, so I found a color in the paint store's collection & used that as the basis for my Mystic paint color. It is really nice.

    Hugs to you!!

  4. Correction on the previous statement: When I said that I used a selection in the paint store's collection, what I meant was I selected a color, the store determined what pigments were used to make the color & then that color was used as the basis for my Mystic paint color.

  5. Oh my goodness! I don't envy you this selection process. I have been putting off making paint color decisions for my study for weeks now....really don't want to face it but will when the time actually COMES!!! Good luck1 I know you will make the RIGHT decision. Love the comments you have received and will do some looking at SW's wares.

  6. Have you tried painting a sample on the wall to see what it actually looks like in the light at various times of day? Several manufacturers now have sample bottles (usually around $5). I don't paint very much, but my starting point to pick out a color is usually the Benjamin Moore Color Guide. Looking at more than three colors at a time makes the final decision a bit mind-boggling. Good luck!

  7. I'm a Sherwin Williams person. They have good sales, so I wait for those. I don't use the most exclusive grade because I like to keep as little money on my walls as I can so if I get a notion to change the color, there's no regret or remorse. You may already have their big fat fan deck; if not, go on in and get one, I use mine all the time.

    Take a look at their blues:

  8. Hi Meg, I'm in love with "borrowed Light"--it is so rich and cool, yet it has hints of warmness. I'm working on a paint solution right now and this has given me inspiration. Of course, I'll have to have the Farrow & Ball color mixed for a Benjamin and Moore paint. Have a fantastic day. Mary

  9. I too vote Borrowed Light, just have it matched by Valspar. I also like the Cirrus Cloud but I would ask to have a "half mix" or cut it down myself with a little cream.

    I look forward to see the after pics!

  10. I am a fan of Benjamin Moore paints. I used 'Madison Ave' on the first floor of my row home. It is dramatic and cheerful. Everyone seems to love it too. It's almost wedgewood-esque (not at all subtle). I need more for other project. Budeke's is having a sale at their Timonium location on May 19th. I'm headed there because I buy the Nautura products and 15% is a nice savings for me. If you wanna join me, please do.

  11. I've become a fan of Sherwin Williams "Duratin Home" formula. It costs a little more than other brands but it has great coverage, it's long wearing and marks wipe right off. It has a semi matte/satin finish but cleans as easily as a high gloss. It also has a "green" formulation. I'm not exactly certain what qualifies it to be labelled as "green" but I do know it has no odor. You can even paint in cool weather with the windows closed with no headaches from paint fumes. Sherwin Williams often has sales and sometimes you can find coupons online or in the local paper. You should check their website. Hope you find the perfect color for your room!

  12. That was meant to read "Duration Home". Sorry for the typo!

  13. Why don't you go for a "darker" color? With white looks fabulous and you said you have plenty of light...
    White doors, white details, white curtains...
    I would go for the Drawing Room Blue! Anyway, your Silver Sage is an excellent option!
    Let us know which one you choose!!

  14. Meg, keep in mind that you have a southwestern exposure which will "pale out" avery light color. It seems as though you are looking for a happy medium betwixt a green and grey blue, so my choice would be...(drum roll) Borrowed Light! Since the room is bright, you also could go darker.
    We also have used Sherwin Williams and were pleased. Definitely try some samples on the wall. Good luck!

  15. I've always been mad about a subdued aqua on walls. That Arsenic (in color only!) looks apppealing to me but I do have to question naming a color "arsenic"!

  16. I agree with onnery...except not necessarily darker, more intense. I've used SherwinWilliams Major Blue 6795 with crisp white trim. Client loved it! Also used F&B's Skylight, very nice. I've used SherwinWilliams Tibetan Sky 7134 many times; it seems a little "cleaner" than Borrowed Light.Let us know what you choose!

  17. we painted miss is's bedroom blue - like the lulworth but a little softer. we paired it with sea green and white and blue - the room is fresh and happy. my bedroom is painted green - a martha stewart green - used her paint which was fine - the color changes with the light. i love that . i really don't get the farrow and ball - so expensive and is it really that much better. once the wall is painted, how can you tell? except the color choices may be a lot better. looking forward to seeing the project evolve.

  18. er... Berrington-Blue? Huge fan of F&B. Let me know what you choose! xxxxx

  19. We're looking at colours for kitchen presses. Like the idea of a grey/blue colour. Any recommendations? Like the look of Borrowed Light.


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